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  1. catrus

    Ceph advice

    This is how I've been growing this plant that I got at the 2013 NECPS show. I noticed it had a white cottony thing on it and i immediately pulled it off and squashed it without finding out what it was. Here is what was left. It went from the leaf to the pitcher. Any ideas what I might be...
  2. vraev

    Return to Cps with a mechanical fix job. + permission needed from TF members

    Hi guys, Lets address it point by point: 1) I have been off the grid for a long while. Haven't been around any forums for over 6-8 months. Same old story...plants going downhill and loosing interest. But recently, I got a call from my local hamilton RBG to give a 1h+ talk on carnivorous plants...
  3. hcarlton

    Random pics

    So, I decided to take some new pics of plants that were looking good, so here are some sticky things from my greenhouse :D : D. rotundifolia: started out as only 5 plants, now they've multiplied and packed each other in D. capillaris FL x intermedia: sent to me as pure capillaris, but the...
  4. G

    What is effecting my Nepenthes?

    Here is a picture of a healthy leaf (left) in comparison to the effected leaf (right) which i have cut off. All new growth is looking like the deformed leaf. The deformed leaves still make perfect pitchers though. I have seen no bugs (besides fungus gnats) and i check every other day. Anyone...
  5. BioZest

    Death to Fungus Gnats

    Hi guys, I'm having a lot of trouble with fungus gnats in my 30 gal setup. How do you get rid of them?!?!?? I've found hundreds in my pitchers. It's really getting out of hand.
  6. RobinGordon

    Sarracenia xFormosa tip death

    So, the story: I got S. xFormosa and S. purpurea ssp purpurea x courtii in winter this year (June-ish) by mail order. They arrived in fairly good condition and dormant. I potted them and sat them in a north facing window. Formosa went off like a rocket and was visibly growing every day. The...
  7. pappydew

    U. longifolia fungus

    I recently got some U. longifolia but there seems to be a bit of white, fuzzy fungus developing along the surface of the media. It's currently planted in some LFS, although it came with peat around the roots. Temp ranges from 68-80F depending on the time of the day. Humidity usually 50-70%. I...
  8. Osodemiel

    Maybe Fungus question?

    Hola! :) I have this one pot with a vtf and a few sarr seedlings and the surface of the soil has slowly been covered by this stuff. Doesn't seem to be harmful yet but am a little worried about winter. Any thoughts ?
  9. H

    In vitro shoot tip culture of N. campanulata

    Here's the result so far of my recent attempt at propagating N. campanulata by culturing the shoot tips in vitro. I used small basal shoots as explant source and referred to these links for disinfection methods: http://icps.proboards.com/thread/4891...
  10. GreenBeast

    Wassup from NYC!

    Yo! I've been lurking this site for a while and now seems to be the best time to join. I've been growing sarracenia outdoors for about four years now. It all started with a S. flava and a Dionaea 'Akai Ryu'. Unfortunately my newbie mistakes during dormancy killed my first group of plants. The...
  11. BioZest

    White powder of death?

    Umm...so yeah I saw some white powdery looking splotches on all of the plant in my mini bog. Is it fungus? What should I do? I'll post pics soon.
  12. R

    Springtail infestation or...?

    Recently I've noticed a dense population of tiny white critters crawling around in some of my VFT pots. Not on the plants themselves just the pots. I am not detecting any leaf damage as of yet on any of my plants but the population of these things has exploded lately. They are not fungus gnat...
  13. U

    Recommended Carnivorous Plants for Beginners (Generally Speaking)

    Greetings all, I am procrastinating right now and avoiding responsibility for just a few more minutes so I thought I would make a list of some of the carnivorous plants I think are best to start with- a long with some comments. This list is meant to be pretty general and is perhaps USA centric...
  14. V

    Mold/Fungus on Utrics?

    So after a work trip I returned home yesterday to find several utrics seem to have a white modl or fungus on the surface of some of the media (mainly leaves). I have them in a peat/sand mixture and they sit in anywhere fro ma quarter inch to an inch of water in 1.5 in ch tall pots. It seems to...
  15. Neps_N_Things

    Cutting Questions

    I took some cuttings today and I'm really wanting them to survive so I thought I would check in with you all about some things. 1) I took some cuttings of veitchii and I was wondering what you guys think on cutting the leaves in half like you would with a lot of other species to help retain...
  16. JMN16150

    Utric fungus! Help please:(

    Some random fungus has been attacking my utrics; it has claimed the life of my bisquamata 'Betty's Bay' already. I'm scared that it might claim my two u. longifolia divisions too! Any tips is appreciated:D Link:http://s1251.photobucket.com/user/JMN16150/library/U%20Fungus?page=1 THANKS!:-O
  17. sarracenia_X

    what the crap??? NOOO! MY SEEDLINGS!!!!!!

    sooo...this morning, i went into the room i keep aome of my plants in, to turn on their light, just like every morning. i turn on the light, and look at the pots. (i have three pots under this light, one with a little cape sundew(which i thought was dead, but apparently the roots were still...
  18. Api

    Fungus on Nep seeds

    Hello everyone. This is my first try at nep seeds. I just got back from a weekend in Florida and started looking around my shelf. At first glance I thought they were germinating, but a closer look reveals it is indeed a fungus of some sort. Sorry for the blurry pic, I'm just showing the...
  19. C

    cure possibly found for my nepenthe's one pitcher blues

    I have this mirabilis echinostoma and for a lowlander it is fussy. once i finally got the plant back to it's bushy, healthy self i notice that is would only make 1 pitcher at a time and that one pitcher would usually die off fairly quick compared to my other nepenthes which seem to have a...
  20. kwende

    Fighting fungus for high-humidity sundews

    I have a terrarium that I'm keeping my Adelae in. The humidity is around 70% at all times (I also have some Neps in the terrarium). Whenever I feed the Adelae, however, the food will eventually turn into fungus on the leaves and burn the leaves a bit. I use freeze dried bloodworms. Is the...