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Sarracenia xFormosa tip death

So, the story:

I got S. xFormosa and S. purpurea ssp purpurea x courtii in winter this year (June-ish) by mail order. They arrived in fairly good condition and dormant. I potted them and sat them in a north facing window. Formosa went off like a rocket and was visibly growing every day. The purp. sulked for a month or so. They both tried to flower, but I nipped them in bud.

Once they seemed relatively established I shifted them outside. EVERYTHING seems to want to eat the formosa. It's growth stalled about a month ago - something was eating the trap tips and making cuts in the trap sides. I sprayed it with systemic insecticide. It got mites. I sprayed it with miticide. AND during this whole fiasco, the tips have been drying out and dying. At no point has it suffered from water stress, nor has the weather been terribly unreasonable.

It had aphids. They're gone now. It came with fungus (phytosanitary certificate my a***). That was dealt with. It had slugs. They've been dealt with with iron slug pellets. It currently has a fungus eating those pellets, but from experience that's pretty benign and the traps were drying out before the pellets were colonised.

And to add insult to injury, the purp is perfectly happy and growing well in the exact same conditions.


Any ideas on the tip death?
... it's spring here.

EDIT: and we haven't had a super cold spell or anything. We're up to 8 hours of sunshine per day (up from 5 in winter) and heading towards 9/10 hours in summer.
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Where did you buy it *from*?
If it came from the northern hemisphere, it could actually be going dormant..

If that is the case, you bought in your winter, but it was the plants summer..
Its now your Spring, but its the plants Autumn.
It will soon be your Summer, but it will be the plants winter.

It might take a few years to "flip its clock"..

If it *didnt* come from the northern hemisphere, then it's not happy about something..
we will try to figure out what..

It's from the the southern hemisphere.
...I believe it's even from a similar latitude to what I'm at.
Hm maybe it is just so stressed out from everything that you mentioned it had to deal with?
Hm maybe it is just so stressed out from everything that you mentioned it had to deal with?

I concur. Sometimes plants just have a bad string of luck. I would advise you to keep up the excellent care and use as few pesticidal and fungicidal products as possible. She should bounce back and thrive similar to your purp. It *could* be next year before you see good pitcher production though.

I recently saw a slough of flavas in the wild. It was late spring/early summer: prime flava pitchering time. I was surprised by how many plants weren't picture perfect. In fact, everyone had a defect, though some were worse than others. It could just be that this is your formosa's "worser" year. :S