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  • Are your plants all fridged up, or did you wait a little longer this year?

    I'm trying to wait until a little closer to Thanksgiving. I just trimmed/inspected everything today, and I may as well do it tomorrow. They all look like they partied too hard and passed out. Especially the Sarrs - 70% of the pitchers are horizontal. ;)

    I have been looking everywhere for a 'Leah Wilkerson' and noticed one of your posts on the subject. I moved recently from Florida to NC and had to send out my collection of nepenthes for adoption. Here, in NC, I've decided to go back to my first CP love, which are the sarracenia and flytraps. Let me know if you have a 'Leah' available for trade or sale. It's #1 on my list!


    Thanks bloke,
    thats one of my favorites!

    Its Sarracenia 'excellens'
    a naturally occurring hybrid of S. minor and S. leucophylla.

    You know, that's a real sweet looking sarracenia as your avatar, what cross is it? It always catches my eye when you post...
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