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  1. Not a Number

    (PAID) (mayphly $42) Sarracenia leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek White'

    Sarracenia leucophylla 'Hurrican Creek White' This S. leucophylla is know for its beautiful white pitchers. Medium-large multi- point (three or more growth points) division was seed grown from seeds from the ICPS seed bank. One of my all time favorite Sarracenia. Shipped bare root. US and...
  2. Sarracenia67

    (PAID) (Acro $2) Sarracenia WAP Valentines Day Card

    Selling a WAP Valentines Day Card quoting lyrics from the infamous WAP song, but with a different meaning given the plant. Actual card will not have watermark. Art word designed by ForFlynnProtestArt. Shipping is Free. Starting bid is $1 and ships anywhere in the US.
  3. S

    Mysterious dwarf pichers growing at base of Sarracenia purpurea

    Hey all, This is my first post so excuse me if I break any forum etiquette. I bought my first set of CPs mid-May when I got bored during quarantine (Sarracenia purpurea and Sarracenia x Scarlet Belle) and recently added a Venus flytrap. I've noticed that at the base of my Sarracenia purpurea...
  4. W

    how to tell if Sarracenia is dead

    Hey everyone, last month, I posted about my Sarracenia, which was growing funny leaves. From my post, I found out it was growing phyllodes. Not much changed with the plant until last week when all of sudden the phyllodes leaves started to wilt and then die off. I've included a before and after...
  5. C

    For Sale Phil Faulisi Cross Seedlings!

    For sale I have 9 seedlings grown from Phil Faulisi seeds for $90 + shipping! They are year old seedlings taken from three different crosses: Purple Lips x Adrain Slack, and need to check the other two crosses lol. I’ll post a picture later. I have culled quite heavily so these will very likely...
  6. P

    PAID (illenittep1@gmail.com $11) hybrid(s) (5 seedlings) (#1)

    Sarracenia hybrid(s) (#1) : "grab bag" of 5 seedlings (bare root). Minimum bid $5. U.S. sales only; flat-rate priority-mail shipping ($8.30) paid by buyer, same flat rate includes ALL items buyer wins from this donor. Inquiries: PT@PhilipT.com
  7. P

    PAID (Sourgirl914 $15) hybrid(s) (5 seedlings) (#2)

    Sarracenia hybrid(s) (#2) : "grab bag" of 5 seedlings (bare root). Minimum bid $5. U.S. sales only; flat-rate priority-mail shipping ($8.30) paid by buyer, same flat rate includes ALL items buyer wins from this donor. Inquiries: PT@PhilipT.com
  8. W

    Sarracenia is not doing well

    Hi everyone, I bought a Sarracenia rhizome from California Carnivores during a sale. The rhizome was unlabeled, so I'm not sure exactly what variety I have. I planted the Sarracenia in a mix of 50% coarse silica grains, 50% peat moss and have been observing its growth for the past few months...
  9. sangrocks101

    For Trade N. sanguinea basals for utrics/maybe some drosera/sarracenia

    Okay so my Nepenthes sanguinea decided to put out some more basal shoots(5 basal shoots produced in 2 months :p wow) and I was wondering if anyone would trade some utrics for some basals. I may trade for drosera or sarracenia but it depends on what species. I will definitely trade for a S...
  10. J

    For Sale Sarracenia dormant rhizomes

    I have a handful of fresh Sarracenia divisions available from my personal collection. Priority shipping is a flat $10. Plants will ship bare root. Pitchers have been trimmed for dormancy. Carolina Yellowjacket md-lg$10 (4 available) Bugbat sm-md $10 (3 available) Minor md $20 Night Sky x...
  11. NewspaperFort

    Looking For (trade) iso dionaea seed (OP sarracenia seed avail.)

    my large tray of sarracenia did wonderfully this year. i have many seeds (OP) of labeled and unlabeled Sarracenia. I have been working to spread my drosera seed around, and would like to seed these pots with dionaea as well. not expecting a strong return from wildly scattered seeds, so i'd like...
  12. D

    Looking For (trade) Humane alternative to culling sarracenia seedlings.

    All sarr growers who have tons of seedlings and are trying to cull the non-perfect ones, I am happy to take them and would even pay/ trade you rare orchids for them. Please don’t kill innocent sarr’s. I can quite literally take thousands of seedlings. I don’t care what type of sarr, as long as...
  13. Whimgrinder

    S. leucophylla 'Splinter Hill' X 'Adrian Slack'.

    S. leucophylla 'Splinter Hill' X S. 'Adrian Slack', cross by Kevin Tarner and Paul Barden.
  14. NewspaperFort

    For Trade Looking for your easy growers

    Hello! My primary limiting factor is windowsill property, I just dont get a ton of light here. Looking for some plants that have done well in my 'sills before, like utrics (sandersonii to longifolia), sundews (mostly rosetted), stylidium, and outdoor bog plant types. I have SO MANY Sarracenia...
  15. Z

    CP noob in Eugene Oregon

    This past summer I impulsively bought a couple of drosera binatas from a local nursery and then, maybe a month later, stumbled across some butterworts and some very sorry-looking "sundews" shoved in a corner in another nursery and that was apparently all the exposure I needed to develop a...
  16. HealthCare

    Unknown Sarracenia hybrids

    Hi everyone! I have 3 no-name Sarracenias (hybrids). Could you please help me with identification? Thank you in advance! 1) 2) 3)
  17. HealthCare

    HealthCare's healthy plants

    Hello there! Here are some photos of my little carnivorous plants collection. :)
  18. HealthCare

    Sarracenia and its flowers

    Have you ever seen a difference in the number of flowers in Sarracenias which are divided? I mean: is the mother plant (an old one) able to produce more than one flower at the same time or we have to divide it in order to have more flowers? I'm asking because all my Sarracenias (not divided)...
  19. U

    Mealybugs on Sarracenia - will they drown?

    Hey, everyone. So after years of relatively carefree keeping of a variety of US native carnivorous plants and bog flowers, I had mysterious die-off throughout the summer and fall. At first, I thought it was probably a fungus (the summer was hot and wet, anyway), but it never seemed to do much...
  20. MPX_78

    CP's for Everyone?

    Would you be interested if I was to make a system that can provide ideal conditions for any care intensive/condition sensitive species, or make it easy enough to save a poor Walmart VFT that someone with no prior experience could? Features could include humidity sensing, programmable photo...