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Can't say I've seen this before...

Things like these I have seen. lol

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A rhizome so long it's in the process of getting up and running away. Definitely a new thing
That is really odd to say the least!
Life finds a way.
Ran into this one today. :p yes the first image is an upside down V, trying to do the first image x2 for the win! :LOL:
Nobody else have any "Can't say I've seen this before..." moments to share?
Screenshot_20230227_194635_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230227_194720_Video Player.jpg
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I've seen iterations of this on a lot of my pots, but to me it was just expected behavior of them running into a barrier so I've never taken photos. Especially since a lot of Sarracenia rhizomes have a propensity to grow downward rather than upward as -is.
Sure, the behavior is easily explained. But you've seen it to the extent it came out of the bottom of a 6" tall pot like that? Seemed excessive so yeah, I took a photo to share. The one I posted today was odd (to me) to have 2 growth points equally growing downward from each other (they were connected at the top of the V) and even had another growth point facing directly down. So yeah, I figured it was odd enough to share.
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A lot of the pots I've seen it in are much deeper, so it takes a much longer times to reach down to that point (and half the time if they get that far they just break the pot instead because the rhizome got too thick for the pot to hold). The growth point pointing straight down is a little weirder, but a bit easier to achieve with the prophylls present rather than the leaves that, as the other points show, twist around and grow upward fairly quickly.