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  1. feedme

    Orchids I have blooming now

    Here are some orchids I have blooming now. I have been growing orchids now for about 5 years. They are what got me into CP's when I was looking for a non-chemical way to help control fungus gnats with my seedlings. Pict 1 - Psychopsis hybrid (NoID) - this actually has 2 blooms and another bud...
  2. Fryster

    Is there an emulsifiable type of fungicide?

    Is there an emulsifiable type of fungicide (powder or liquid) that can simply be mixed with water for watering regular houseplants? Or even with carnivorous plants? Something that can treat the soil is what I am seeking... without stressing out the plant. I am so tired of seeing fungus and...
  3. agentrdy

    D. adelae Help Needed

    Hey all, I've got a D. adelae which has grown fine all summer on my windowsill. However, with temps and light levels dropping for fall I've noticed that the plant has begun producing extremely tiny leaves and isn't growing vigorously at all. I keep it a yogurt cup with a clear container, so it...
  4. HyDxSiJiu

    questions about nepenthes leafs grow

    what is upper pitch and lower pitcher? hello pplz i have seem same plant producing different pitchers, upper and lower... what are those??? and i have also growing them in terrarium for some times and the tiny terrarium is crowded with nepenthes,, so most of ya grow them outdoor or indoor...
  5. Cindy

    Insect living in peat moss - what is it?

    Hi Peeps, We have a thread on the local gardening forum debating what actually is the insect living in peat moss. It is not a mealy bug and smaller than the whitefly. Some think it is a fungus gnat. It is only about 1/10" in size. I see lots of them in my seed boxes where I sow my Nepenthes...
  6. evergreen

    Orange fungus on Truncata?

    I got a truncata about a week ago and when it came it was red and greenish color. Then the pitcher and some of its leaves started getting faded rusty orange spots on it and i have no idea what it is. I thought it was fungus but outside where its pot sits is in direct light and i haven't watered...
  7. Nepfreak

    large raff. gigantea for trade at NECPS show

    large (and beat up) raff. gigantea for trade at NECPS show I have a large N. rafflesiana gigantea that I really can't grow anymore. It's about two feet in diameter now, and starting to vine. In the past it has produced beautiful 8 inch pitchers of a nice purple color, but its leaves have been...
  8. SirKristoff

    Venus Flytrap seedlings

    Germinated about 2 1/2 months ago. already munching down on fungus gnats and springtails. pretty amazing really. the few seed that were successful from my VFTs that flowered earlier this year. ill post some pics of my bog VFTs tomorrow or thursday
  9. G

    Sarracenia Purpurea maintainence

    So, I have my Sarracenia Purpurea plant for about a year now indoors and missed a dormancy and still is continuing to grow and stuff and I have decided that I need to bring it outdoors and I've been noticing that the pot is getting a bit small with a ribosome division occurring. This made me...
  10. Capensis

    What is this!?

    I have no idea where to put it so I guess it should go here. Sorry, I don't have a pic yet, but I'm getting weird stuff. I believe it might be fungus gnats, but I'm not sure. There's dense web-like substance in pots, but only in small areas. Then, what I believe are eggs of something, are little...
  11. PlantAKiss

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...Ceph question

    I just took a look a few days ago at my beloved Cephalotus. It is two large clumps of Hummer's Giant with multiple crowns. I am in awe of it. One pitcher is about 2.5 inches tall and others are close. The good. I was shocked to see a flower scape! It never occurred to me it would ever...
  12. Capensis

    Yay!/ Uh oh!

    I noticed that my P. primuliflora is starting to make a plantet on a leaf, yay!: But the bad news is...is that I'm pretty sure it's infested with Fungus gnats, here, it's snacking on 5 gnats, but a new leaf has a brown mark. Should I repot just in case? (plus, food always mold on my...
  13. CP_dude

    Bleeding Hamata?

    OK, so it's not exactly bleeding, but it is excreting a sticky liquid from the underside of the leaves...it's almost a clear/white color. Not only that, the leaves seem to be a light green, and it has stopped pitchering...again. It seems healthy and it making much larger leaves than what it...
  14. upper

    gosh darn pest

    my oreophila's pitcher is getting eaten to death. i think its a leaf hopper. there's one that's light green and they make burn holes. and there's another kind, kinda dark brown with black stripe that moves super fast. when they eat, they wriggle their body left to right its like a dog tilting...
  15. C

    is this fungus?

    just took a photo of my VFT the one im tryin to save... iv managed to now control the aphid problem i had they all appear to be dead now after giving it one spray of that provado bug killer. now it seems to be loosing its colour i think this was mentioned when i was readin up on spraying it...
  16. Ridetsu

    Dormancy over! fungicide question

    At least here in Oregon it is :3 I spent a good hour or two yesterday going through my venus flytraps. I took out all the old and dead things, and found myself with quite a nice problem. As i pulled them all apart and washed them off, i discovered that i now had a much larger amount of venus...
  17. thbjr

    HELP!! Sphagnum fungus...

    Much to my horror, I found this growing in one of my sphagnum trays. Any sure fire remidies to kill the fungus and not the sphagnum? (I'm assuming it's fungus) Tom