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  • Dude, there are 4 bass clarinets in my band, and all suck but me. One is okay, two just suck. On our chair test I was the only one to get an A+. The okay person got a B+ and the other two failed. I hate the one of the other two because he thinks he's so good at music. He got an F last year.
    I found a copy in this thick beethoven book. I can copy it and give it to you if you want.
    Krysia (wesio's (VYAY SHOWS) sister) has my copy, I'll have to get it back. She's had it for like 5 years.
    Sleep is for the weak. Besides, I was planning on staying home today, as I'm not going to school for wellness and a history class on a half day.
    Believe it or not I'm looking for the pathetique right now. :banana2:
    Next you should try the pathetique at slow speed. It's really not that hard when you play it slowly at maybe 80 or 90 to the quarter note. Then later you can speed it up. FUN AS HELL song :D :D :D. you shouldn't be up so late on a school night!
    Fur Elise is squididilicious! I've got all the notes now, I guess you could say I'm in the "revising" stage for dynamics, tempo, accuracy of notes (I still haven't gotten down the CgGgAgBg etc part down yet!).
    LOL. YOu know, you don't HAVE to make yourself play Zelda if you don't want to. You know, it's actually supposed to be FUN and all... BTW catcher in the rye is a GREAT BOOK but I know you prolly won't like it that much... you'll see when you get to selfridge.
    Did you see the Ms. Keefe group Joe created on facebook? That kid is...to good with photoshop. Next time you come over I have to show you the awful things he did with Mr. Bridgman's body.
    I still haven't gotten past the part with the slingshot :p Its so hard, I'm probably going to have to watch a youtube walkthrough. I've mostly been playing Final Fantasy X, which is not nearly as hard and sooo much fun.
    I added some pics of my trip to Sweden on facebook, if you want to see them.
    lol today we whatched a wellness video that talked about how this guy was using "high tech devices" to teach kids about the dangers of drunk driving. The high tech material was a laptop the size a pug and a projector.
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