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cure possibly found for my nepenthe's one pitcher blues

I have this mirabilis echinostoma and for a lowlander it is fussy. once i finally got the plant back to it's bushy, healthy self i notice that is would only make 1 pitcher at a time and that one pitcher would usually die off fairly quick compared to my other nepenthes which seem to have a pitcher for every leaf. Overall the plant looked healthy so i just shrugged my shoulder and let it do it's thing(ftr i do not root fert them). i thought maybe it was root lock but wasn't sure.

somewhat unrelated i have become disenchanted with using the betta pellets for my ever-growing(literally) drosera collection due to the smell and fungus generated by it. so i decided to get some feeder insects and while i am at it...dropped a bunch of em in the nepenthes pitchers and alas the echinostoma is making 2 pitchers while the old one is still alive!

im guessing it had a slight nutrient deficiency perhaps? or maybe it is just slow to settle in. whatever the case i generally spray some diluted 30-10-10 in all my neps but if it is a nutrient deficiency i guess it is something that cannot be obtained from the water soluable fert?

just thought i would share....might help if any of you have lowlanders/nepenthes only making 1 pitcher at a time with a low shelf life.....might just need some bugs....???
Have you tried coffee? That seems to be the way to go to take care of those missing micronutrients; it's like a multivitamin.