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  1. PhilipS

    For Sale Gemmae Group Buy

    I am planning a group purchase for Drosera Pygmy Gemmae, from across the pond; in the EU. Tuesday deadline. Approximately 10 packets of each remain. Mind your weather. First paid first served. PP FF so that excess can be easily returned to buyer. PM for details.
  2. L

    Drosera problem

    Can anyone see what's growing on this Drosera? It died very suddenly. It's in sphagnum moss...looks like long, fine white hairs. Mold? Pests?
  3. CFarms

    For Sale CPs for Sale #2

    Also have these for sale as well, thank you!
  4. adnedarn

    Petiolaris complex roots... 3' long.

    Hi all! I bought some petiolaris Drosera seeds because, well, if I'm going to have a heated tank set up I may as well fill it! So today I needed to get the new pots into the tank and one of the exsisting pots, didn't want to move over. I did break a couple- who knows how long they were but I...
  5. A

    (PAID) (Nelumbonomina $150) First offering- Drosera katangensis

    Hi all, A little over a year ago Fernando and I visited the Democratic Republic of the Congo and rediscovered Drosera katangensis, a species that had never been previously photographed, and was known only from old herbarium specimens. Under permits from the DRC and with cooperation of the...
  6. SundewJane

    Help! Hard white substance on the base of D. Multifida Extrema arm

    Hi there! Long-time lurker, first-time poster here looking for a little help with my D. Multifida Extrema that has suddenly developed a hard white substance on the base of a new arm. I also just noticed rust-colored algae(?) developing on the tips on the live moss and along the edges of the...
  7. M

    Drosera Magnifica Help

    Hello - I received these two D. magnifica several years ago when they were first released by BCP. They grew well for a while, but over the past year or two the leaves stopped completely unfurling and turn black. Lately they've stopped producing dew. Soil is a mix of peat/perlite/sand top...
  8. V

    Looking For (trade) Fresh Drosera Seed or Any CP seed

    Hello! Its been quite a while since I have been here browsing and getting back into the trade of keeping some sundews, pitchers, pings, pines and more. I lost my entire collection due to neglect while pressing through some time demanding and hard times having a New baby and relationship issues...
  9. C

    I just bought this fragile Drosera, help me resurrect it pls :D

    Hi Guys, I’m new here and new to growing carnivorous plants so I would like to get some help from you please. I just bought my first Drosera Capensis, or that’s what I think it is…Could you please confirm? The plant doesn’t look too good in my opinion, the leaves are beginning to get brown and...
  10. C

    Looking For (To Buy) Genlisea and Drosera

    Hi, I am looking for an easy to grow, more or less, Genlisea. I prefer the perennial kind. I really don't have anything worth trading so I'm buying. The Genlisea has priority but if you have an easy to grow Drosera, too, that can handle low humidity then let me know. I might be interested in...
  11. W

    Looking For (To Buy) Pygmy Drosera Gemmae

    I bought some Pygmy Drosera gemmae earlier this year, but was unable to get them to grow. I'd like to give it another go, but realize it is off-season right now for gemmae. Nonetheless, I thought I'd reach out and see if anyone has any gemmae left they are willing to sell. Please let me know...
  12. W

    Drosera Regia Stressed?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum! I recently got myself a drosera regia after wanting one for a long time now, along with a drosera aff. lanata "Flying Fox Creek". It's been about a week and a half since I got them and I noticed that, especially with the regia, the leaves are starting to...
  13. philiptdotcom

    PAID (Slynch52 $5) f. filiformis (#2)

    Drosera f. filiformis (#2) : nice-sized plant (bare root). Minimum bid $4. U.S. sales only; flat-rate priority-mail shipping ($8.30) paid by buyer, same flat rate includes ALL items buyer wins from this donor. Inquiries: PT@PhilipT.com
  14. philiptdotcom

    PAID (Est $8) Drosera f. filiformis (#1)

    Drosera f. filiformis (#1) : nice-sized plant (bare root). Minimum bid $4. U.S. sales only; flat-rate priority-mail shipping ($8.30) paid by buyer, same flat rate includes ALL items buyer wins from this donor. Inquiries: PT@PhilipT.com
  15. sangrocks101

    For Trade N. sanguinea basals for utrics/maybe some drosera/sarracenia

    Okay so my Nepenthes sanguinea decided to put out some more basal shoots(5 basal shoots produced in 2 months :p wow) and I was wondering if anyone would trade some utrics for some basals. I may trade for drosera or sarracenia but it depends on what species. I will definitely trade for a S...
  16. D

    Looking For (trade) Any and all drosera (even capensis)

    I quite literally have many cubic meters of utricularia gibba and a total of exactly zero drosera.
  17. Not a Number

    PAID (Grey Moss $2) Man-made White Flower Drosera tokaiensis

    Man-Made Drosera tokaiensis - white flower This is one of Ivan Snyder's (aka Dr. Frankensnyder) creations. According to a grower in Japan who studies the native D. tokaiensis white flowers are (or haven't been) found in nature. This is a sterile hybrid, propagate by leaf or root cuttings...
  18. T

    Drosera Magnifica Questions?

    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum and was wondering if anyone has succeeded in raising a D. magnifica to maturity. I have just got mine and I am trying to make it as comfortable as possible I have it at 70-78 F in day and 55-60 F at night. I keep the soil mix well draining and aerated. I always...
  19. NewspaperFort

    For Trade Looking for your easy growers

    Hello! My primary limiting factor is windowsill property, I just dont get a ton of light here. Looking for some plants that have done well in my 'sills before, like utrics (sandersonii to longifolia), sundews (mostly rosetted), stylidium, and outdoor bog plant types. I have SO MANY Sarracenia...
  20. P

    Misplaced Drosera regia seed germinating!

    I was very pleased to find a misplaced packet of Drosera regia seed I purchased from Silverhill Seeds about 4 years ago while sorting older supplies. These are all the more special since they came from Silverhill Seeds. A good number are germinating, hoping for a decent amount of variation...