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(PAID) (Nelumbonomina $150) First offering- Drosera katangensis

Hi all,

A little over a year ago Fernando and I visited the Democratic Republic of the Congo and rediscovered Drosera katangensis, a species that had never been previously photographed, and was known only from old herbarium specimens. Under permits from the DRC and with cooperation of the parks, we were able to collect some material. I'm happy to offer the first plant from these efforts, in support of the NASC. Opening bid is $20.


(representative photo from habitat)

This species has been quite easy in cultivation under warm intermediate conditions with high humidity. The plant offered is small, maybe 2cm tall, and will be shipped potted in LFS. Shipping is $10, USA only.


Alex Dietrick
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Opening bid is $20
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Item has been paid, please arrange shipping