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Fighting fungus for high-humidity sundews

I have a terrarium that I'm keeping my Adelae in. The humidity is around 70% at all times (I also have some Neps in the terrarium). Whenever I feed the Adelae, however, the food will eventually turn into fungus on the leaves and burn the leaves a bit.

I use freeze dried bloodworms.

Is the only option to let the food stay on the leaves for a while and then remove them after a while?

The other terrarium I have my dews in doesn't suffer from this simply because the humidity is so much lower.

Thoughts? Advice?

For what it's worth, trying to keep the Adelae in lower-humidity environments hasn't worked well for me. They grow fine but produce little dew. In this current setup they are slimy, dewy messes.
Hmm seems like an interesting problem. I've heard that cinnamon kills fungus and doesn't effect plants much. Maybe you could put a pinch of cinnamon in with the bloodworm paste. Just an idea.
Adding a small computer fan to the set up will circulate the air and prevent molds from forming.
Very clever. I'm assuming we don't point the fan directly at the plants but instead just dangle in the terrarium to circulate throughout the terrarium.
Because I have a raised grate at the bottom of my terra with an air space and water below I came up with taking a 4" length of pvc tubing and hot-gluing the fan to the top of that. It blows down but moves air all through the tank. A crude photo but I think it gets the idea across:


If that doesn't work for you I would just stick it to the side and as you said avoid blowing it directly on your plants.
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