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  • Hey there,

    Just saw your recent post. Beautiful plants! I have a question about your indoor grow area. I notice you have what appears to be a clear plastic storage bin, used as a water tray underneath your drosera. I have a grow rack that is approx 33inches by 11inches of growing room on one shelf. It's one of those adjustable wire shelving units.

    About how big is your plastic storage bin? Any suggestions on what I could use in my grow rack?

    Thanks for your time!

    Soooooooo...should I leave the giant bug on the ping? I'll send you a pic tomorrow.
    If you'd actually be willing to send me some utrics that would be sweet! I'd love to give you something in return but its up to you.
    I think the burmanii is about done. I have one baby trying to hold on...
    So great to meet you yesterday! Thanks for being so generous & awesome!!! Looking forward to hanging out again soon. :)
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