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what the crap??? NOOO! MY SEEDLINGS!!!!!!

sooo...this morning, i went into the room i keep aome of my plants in, to turn on their light, just like every morning. i turn on the light, and look at the pots. (i have three pots under this light, one with a little cape sundew(which i thought was dead, but apparently the roots were still alive, and now it has been making a comeback,, and growing nicely) and a few baby pygmies that im growing from gemmae, another pot that i sowwed some sarr seed in (i dont know if they will ever germinate, its been awhile since i planted them.) and this one other one that had some cape sundew seedlings in, and was starting to grow a little bit of fuzzy moss in one corner. i already had a cape sundew and all, but i was looking forward to growing some from seed myself. i look at their pots, an the soil is all full of little holes, all the seedlings are gone and their are fungus gnat larvae all over!!!!!

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at least it is a species that will never be hard to get more seed of lol
Ironically, my most successful solution for getting rid of fungus gnats is..cape sundews! ;)
the adult plants do a great job of eating them up and (eventually) wiping out the gnat colony..
but cape sundew seeds and seedlings, not so much.

I would just throw out those pots..(or at least the media)
not much else you can do. :(

yup, i took the pot out into the garage as soon as i saw this, ill deal with it later... get rid of the media, clean the pots out and stuff.
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Treatment with Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (BTi) will get rid of the larvae. It takes a few weeks and you should treat the media long enough to cover the entire life cycle of fungus gnats. There can be potentially 4 generations in your media (eggs, larvae, pupae and adults). BTi will not harm your plants.

It is commonly available as Mosquito Dunks. Just break off a small chunk and put it in water tray. Or put a bit in a container of water overnight and water with the treated solution.
yeah, i have some of those for my container pond. ill put a piece in the media to make sure there gone