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  1. CFarms

    For Sale CPs for Sale #2

    Also have these for sale as well, thank you!
  2. P

    Help with Drosera capensis - declining plant

    I've had this sundew for 2+ years and it's been doing fine until recently. It's next to a west facing windowsill and gets plenty of sunlight. The main plant has been getting smaller and smaller. The main stem grows taller but the leaves die off so it looks kind of weird. There are a few babies...
  3. philiptdotcom

    PAID (Slynch52 $5) f. filiformis (#2)

    Drosera f. filiformis (#2) : nice-sized plant (bare root). Minimum bid $4. U.S. sales only; flat-rate priority-mail shipping ($8.30) paid by buyer, same flat rate includes ALL items buyer wins from this donor. Inquiries: PT@PhilipT.com
  4. philiptdotcom

    PAID (Est $8) Drosera f. filiformis (#1)

    Drosera f. filiformis (#1) : nice-sized plant (bare root). Minimum bid $4. U.S. sales only; flat-rate priority-mail shipping ($8.30) paid by buyer, same flat rate includes ALL items buyer wins from this donor. Inquiries: PT@PhilipT.com
  5. S

    Capensis struggling after repotting

    I've had this plant for about 6 months and I just re potted it about a week ago. It started off in some moss placed in a cup, but I realized this wasn't the best idea, so I bought some carnivorous plant soil (peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, and some sand) and I gently removed it from the moss...
  6. L

    Three new plants

    Hi guys! I just went to a terrarium event and got three new plants, but she wasn't able to give me the species name for any of them so I can't look up specific care instructions. Any help would be appreciated! I have a Nepenthes, a Sundew and an unknown pitcher plant (she called it a sweet...
  7. K

    Hello from North Carolina!

    Hello! I'm so happy to have found this forum. My CP addiction started when I bought my first Venus Flytrap a few months ago. They grow naturally near our coast. I bought mine from Lowe's Home Improvement. Shortly after purchasing mine my little niece had to have one. This time we went to the...
  8. C

    D. Brevifolia seeds

    I got about 30+ Drosera Brevifolia seeds for trade. Looking for any drosera seeds or any other CP seeds.
  9. Plant Heathen

    Thank you Flora!

    I would just like to thank Flora for sending me my firs sundew plants in seed form. I got some Drosera pulchella seed and they came fast and in great shape. Some were already green so I think they where already started. I hope I have some good luck with thees. I only had 2 ziplocks that the pots...
  10. raycer491

    Viability of pollen over time

    After a bit of digging, I found online that Drosera pollen, at least for tuberous plants, is viable for at least 3-4, maybe 5 weeks. I also know from experience that pollen is usually usable on (south african) plants for a few days after flowering but I have no experience keeping it in the...
  11. jimscott

    Stray Sundew

    The smaller plant is D. brevifolia. What is the larger plant? I know it's not D. spatulata. D. rotundifolia? D. capillaris?
  12. K

    Need germination guide on sundews and info in where to buy seeds I'm trying to

    Hi guys I need help germinating sundew from seeds and where I could buy seeds that are viable ??
  13. FrankenSnyder

    New Amphiploid Sundew Genesis

    You’ll find images on the web of a hybrid I created years ago: Drosera rotundifolia x capillaris. The original hybrid is sterile. Through the magic of Colchicine treatment I have created a plant which should now be fruitful and multiply. Last week I harvested and sowed its first seed. They look...
  14. curtisconners

    sundew rescue mission. Help!

    I was at the gift shop of a conservatory that I often go to and found these sundews and I decided to give them a chance for survival, but I am unsure as to what they are. one is a d. filiformis, but I am unsure of the other two. Any advice on these plants is appreciated. I'll get better photos...
  15. S

    Sundews in 4K UltraHD new video

    I am still testing out my new Sony AX53 video camera. I thought that a few sundews would look pretty cool in 4K. The camera does some great photos, but it's also has a some VERY jumpy video for a $1,000 camera. Anyway check out it, there is also some Pygmy sundew closeups. Comments?
  16. Deltatango301

    Deltatango301 Growlist

    Deltatango 301 Growlist 138 plants in Greenhouse 10' X 6' WANTED Drosera Derbyensis D. Adelae D. Ultramafica X Spatulata D. Purpurascens My Plants Orchids x phalaenopsis X 2 (Dobbies) bromeliad (Dobbies) Sun Pitcher Heliamphora nutans x heterodoxa (HV011Hants) Cobra Lily Darlingtonia...
  17. Mercfh

    D.Spatula dying?

    Hi All, I've been dealing with an issue for a good bit now and I think one of the two of my D.Spatula plants has just about bit the dust: First of all my setup: Lights: Agrobrite 4 bulb/2 foot T5 HO (Amazon.com : Agrobrite T5, FLT28, 2 Foot, 8-Tube Fixture with Included Fluorescent Grow Lights...
  18. S

    regarding a pygmy sundew mishap...

    Hey y'all. Any of you ever get a pot o' pygmies knocked off their shelf? Did they live? Someone knocked a couple of my prized lil ones down today and disturbed the media quite a bit. I for sure lost a couple in the clean up :thumbdown::headwall::cry:, but the others managed to stay mostly in...
  19. D

    Blood meal for feeding CP's?

    Can you feed CP's blood meal in their traps, not as a fertilizer? You can feed some sundew many different insects, milk and blood worms and betta fish pellets. If you can feed them rehydrated blood meal, it would be an incredibly cheap food. I'm not sure exactly what it is in their food that...
  20. T

    Saving a Dying Sundew

    So, I'm new to growing carnivorous plants(This is my first time/year). And I have four sundews. One of which suffering pretty badly. And I'm not sure what to do. As far as I know, it has pretty good soil and I keep it moist and misted. However, even with this, I can slowly see it start to...