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Stray Sundew


Tropical Fish Enthusiast

The smaller plant is D. brevifolia. What is the larger plant? I know it's not D. spatulata. D. rotundifolia? D. capillaris?
I think you posted the wrong picture.
I did. I also want to know what those structures are on the D. hartmeyerorum.
It looks like the New Zealand form of D. spatulata or D. tokaiensis? Keep in mind though that sundews are not my specialty, haha, so hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in with a more informative guess.
It's not in the spatulata complex; from the other photo posted on FB I was pretty certain of it being a young intermedia (top photo showed leaf shape better). And the odd growths are just adventitious roots on the hart.
I'm going with D. intermedia and adventurous roots....:poke: