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Springtail infestation or...?

Recently I've noticed a dense population of tiny white critters crawling around in some of my VFT pots. Not on the plants themselves just the pots. I am not detecting any leaf damage as of yet on any of my plants but the population of these things has exploded lately. They are not fungus gnat larvae...they move around pretty fast. Also, when you try to touch or remove them, they seem to be able to jump short distances...kinda like fleas.

Are these springtails? Are they harmful? What should I use to get rid of them that wont hurt my plants?

Thanks in advance.
Yes, its springtails :). Harmless to your plants, they even clean up by eating the dead parts of the plants.
Yep those are definitely springtails. They're fascinating little guys to watch, it's funny that they tend to throw themselves into open water and scramble about. They tend to feed my Nepenthes and Cephalotus quite a bit so definitely keep them around :)
Hmmm...symbiotic springtails. Sounds a bit annoying IMO.
how could that possibly be annoying?
Okay, then I'll hold off on the neem oil, despite them being too numerous to count in a few of my pots. However, I did just have something pop into my head. If they are feeding on dead / decaying leaf matter, I am assuming they are pooping out said leaf matter and subsequently releasing nitrogen fertilizer into the soil the same way other insects like worms would?
Not in high enough levels to affect Cp's, they're a bit too small for that (even large populations)
Add a few pings near the VFT and they will eat a bunch of them :)
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Springtails are great plant food; my sundew and butterwort are covered in them regularly.