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  • Hey salut francois, ca va? Je t ai laisse une couple de text message sur ton phone y a un bout. Pas de nouvelles. Anyways, justeun tit message pour savoir comment ca va
    Hey Maiden its me again
    I was a member of OCPS but got banned I cannot even make a new account!!
    anyway I wanted to ask you if you can get me a few VFT seeds so I can get back in the hobby
    message me at dennis197305@gmail.com if you can help me email me even if you cannot
    It wasn't for u.calcyfida seeds. This was h. minor and s. minor (you) for d. aliciae and p. esseriana (me).
    Your inbox is full: I feel like I'm spamming you, but if I don't have any paperwork for international shipping to deal with than I'm all for the trade.
    right now I feel like the plants are growing as well as they could be. I am so happy with my setup! :)

    Your helis still growing well in your conditions?
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