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  • Hi Charles, I'm going out of town Thurs. and won't be back until Sunday so could we wait till Monday to do the trade?
    Sheila Stewart
    PO Box 43
    Wesson, MS 39191
    Hello Sheila, I would like to make the trade. I will send you several P. Ophioglossides for division of your S. leuco. This is my shipping information :

    Charles Brooks
    3435 South Orange Ave. E143
    Orlando, Florida 32806
    Cell : 407 - 924 - 3377

    I will ship your plants after I receive your shipping information.
    Finally got everything straight..the orchids are in route to you and the purp is in route to mark
    Hi, I sent paypal to the wrong address, treasure instead of treasurer. Do you have the money now?

    I dropped the Sarracenia Surprise at the post office yesterday. I hope that there are at least SOME plants that you don't already have.

    Also, I need to retract an offer in the auction for a S. alata x minor due to the condition of the plant. I did post it in the aucition thread but wasn't sure if I needed to do anything further.
    Hi, Sheila!!

    Long time I don't have news from you!! How is everything?
    I'd like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a wonderful
    new year.
    May God bless you and your familly!
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