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Mold/Fungus on Utrics?


Getting There...
So after a work trip I returned home yesterday to find several utrics seem to have a white modl or fungus on the surface of some of the media (mainly leaves). I have them in a peat/sand mixture and they sit in anywhere fro ma quarter inch to an inch of water in 1.5 in ch tall pots. It seems to kill leaves where there is contact.
Unfortunately, my laptop charger isn't working and I won' have a replacement until tomorrow to post pictures.
Has anyone experience this before? They are just on my growrack which has room humidity/slightly elevated temps from the lights, and airflow fro ma single fan on the side of the rack.
Any advice/help is GREATLY appreciated.
Sounds like powdery mildew kind of..
Get yourself a sulfur based fungicide, never copper based.
Should do the trick regardless of white kind of mold, fungus, or mildew you have.
Sorry for the resurrection. I was wondering how things turned out. I have been keeping an eye on this thread.