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  1. anramitaco

    Stelis argentata division giveaway

    I finally mustered up the courage to tame the beast that was my Stelis argentata. I divided it into two nice clumps, but I only have room for one, so I'm offering the other here as a giveaway. This one makes pinkish-gray flowers. S. argentata is one of the easier Pleurothallids: forgiving of...
  2. Ras

    treating sphagnum culture with peroxide?

    I was wondering if anyone has experience treating with peroxide on sphagnum specifically and if they have a ratio that worked for them. the fungus isnt overwhelming the moss but I'd like to get it under control before it does. the moss was in an undrained tray with a humidity dome on it when it...
  3. C

    Darlingtonia Conservation

    Hello, While this is not a major emergency call to arms type of post, I hope that it will still generate a response out of this community. I am looking to start a non-profit centered around the conservation of Darlingtonia. While this genus is not particularly at a high risk of dissappearing...
  4. V

    Nepenthes Seed Sowing

    Sow (pun intended), i've sewn and germinated nepenthes a nubmer of the times i nthe past, to mixed success. I've done two main methods, one being sown in ziploc bags or humidity domes on pure LFS, the other being a peat/sand mix. My main problem in the past has been algae and/or fungus...
  5. nimbulan

    Larvae in water trays - ID please

    I had some of these last year and dumped the tray out to get rid of them. This year I thought I'd try to figure out what they are. They definitely don't look like mosquito larvae and seem too thin and long to be fungus gnats. They just appeared suddenly over the past week and wiggle around on...
  6. DroseraLover

    Fungus Gnat Pest Control

    Fungus gnats help with feeding my carnivorous plants, but their larvae have become a problem in one bowl. Can carnivorous plants handle cinnamon in their soil? I have read that it helps control fungus gnats when added to the soil surface. Yes, I have read about various chemical, bacterial, and...
  7. T

    Cephalotus "Hummer's" divisions for other Ceph cultivars/genetic stock (or Heli's?)

    Cephalotus "Hummer's" divisions for other Ceph cultivars/genetic stock (or Heli's?) Hi guys, I have a few Cephalotus crown divisions up for trade, one of which has a flower stalk. I bought the mother plant maybe 5-6 years ago as a Hummer's Giant crown division from an eBay seller in Alaska...
  8. fredg

    Fungal fruiting body

    A photo of the fruiting bodies of a fungus that's in quite few of my pots. The 'mushrooms' appear around this time annually. Any ideas? Is it beneficial?
  9. F

    Water filtration in greenhouse

    My school's greenhouses have a lot of fungus gnats flying around, which damage many seedlings and plants that my classmates and I are propagating. So I'm thinking of putting a couple pots of sarracenia in there (although I'm a bit nervous if someone take them since I only have one of each kind)...
  10. S


    My Nep seems to have a fungus, what kind of fungicide can I use? Would the Bayer one work? (Disregard the dead pitcher lol)
  11. V

    Transplanting Drosera Seedlings?

    I have a small pot os D. aliciae, among other varieites, I sowed on chopped LFS. They are maybe 4 months old now, with about 3 carnivorous leave each, but only maybe 2-3 mm across. A very small portion of the pots has some fungus growing, but mostly I am just nervous that the plants are being...
  12. ps3isawesome

    What is this white stuff on my Heli's new growth point

    Hey guys, when my terrarium's moisture reduces, the new growth point turns kinda white. This is a heliamphora heterodoxa. Is this a fungus? Thanks!!
  13. O

    Please help identifying an issue with a dying Cephalotus

    I am currently having trouble keeping my cephalotus alive, and I was hoping someone could help me identify the issue. I believe it may be fungus but I am not sure.
  14. DrWurm

    Saw my Scorpioides snag a gnat out of midair

    I was admiring my desktop scorpioides today when I saw a fungus gnat zoom by and slam right into the longest, tallest tentacle! It was like watching an NHL goalie make a glove save on slap shot! I pulled out my phone and took some crummy pics through a magnifier: He's currently thrashing...
  15. Dragoness

    Nep seed Q

    I have read about 5 different methods of germinating Nep seeds, and have decided that I am going to give it a GO. Going to order a couple species of Lowland neps, and give it a shot. The site I am looking at currently offers Rafflesiana, Tenax, Albomarginata, Madagascariensis, Truncata, and a...
  16. D

    Old leaf tip turning tar black?

    I've had this ventricosa for almost a year now, and it's been doing great. Two lower leaves are yellowing, and I first thought it was just age. A few days ago, however, I noticed that the oldest leaf has a very dark tip to it, as if someone covered it with charcoal dust. All the other leaves...
  17. JB in Utah

    Bog Sarr Die Off

    So lately I've noticed something disturbing in my bog. After a strong start to the growing season, many of my plants seem to be suffering from untimely demises. This is my second year with the bod garden so I'm not sure what's wrong as the situation hasn't changed since last year with the...
  18. R

    Help! fugus on my sundew!

    So I noticed black dots on the lamina of my D. Falconeri. At first I thought the dots were dirt from when I took leaf pullings but now I know its fungus, so My question is what would be a safe fungicide to use? Heres a pic a couple of days ago, And today,
  19. Cindy

    Byblis seeds germination experience

    Hi everyone, I am starting to grow this genus again. Seeds from seller A Seeds were soaked in GA3 for 24 hours and sowed on peat/sand mix. Almost every seed of the five tropical species sown became mouldy and there was no germination. Seeds from seller B First batch was soaked in GA3 for 24...
  20. S

    how do you kill fungal tartar-like residue on peat?

    how do i kill fungus that grows on peat? i bought a bale of peat moss at my local hardware store. I noticed that whenever the peat is moist everything is fine but as soon as the peat dries a yellow tartar-like residue grows on the surface, specifically it likes to grow on the rim of the pot...