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Help! fugus on my sundew!

So I noticed black dots on the lamina of my D. Falconeri. At first I thought the dots were dirt from when I took leaf pullings but now I know its fungus, so My question is what would be a safe fungicide to use?

Heres a pic a couple of days ago,

And today,

Just get a small watercolor paint brush like a No. 1 or 0 and use a dilute solution of rubbing alcohol to clean it off. Done. When I feed my D. falconeri fruit flies they often turn quickly into little balls of fuzz (possibly yeast). Doesn't seem to cause any harm at all.
#1 concern with fungicides is to get an ID of the pathogen before treating. Fungicides are very specific in what they control. Rubbing alcohol is a great generalist killer of all things bad and sounds like a good way to go. I'd personally chop and pitch the infected leaf.
I'm talking about the black dots all over the leaves not the white fuzzy stuff. I guess i'll just use rubbing alcohol on all the leaves then...

Wow... I just realized that the black dots are in different spots from the two photos!:0o:
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Could the dots be insects living in the soil? like gnats or mites? That would explain why there is a larger concentration around the fish food...:scratch: