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  1. Swagalotus

    Seed disaster

    So last long weekend I decided to plant a whole bunch of seeds, mixed sundews including capes, tokaiensis, aliciae, omissa, burmannii, filiformis, dreamsicle, some vft seeds and utricularia as well. Today I was inspecting each pot individually and I noticed on the vft seeds at the very tip of...
  2. S

    Grey fungus fungicide suggestions?

    What's a brand of fungicide for grey fugue that is safe for all carnivorous plants? Preferably one I can pick up at Lowe's. thank you
  3. C

    fungicide for Sundews?

    Hi folks. I have a problem with some of my sundews. Unfortunatly i do not have any pics i can share due to a NDS i had to sign, i might be able to share them in private message. I am thinking i might have a fungus issue. Some of my sundews have the tips of thier leaves turning brown. This...
  4. Morpheus

    Rhizome rot

    Hey all, I was hoping you guys could help me conquer my problems with rhizome rot. I've moved all my plants outside into a small grow tent/greenhouse thing in hopes that sunlight and airflow will help prevent any new cases. However, I am also curious if there are any strong fungicides that I...
  5. S


    My Nep seems to have a fungus, what kind of fungicide can I use? Would the Bayer one work? (Disregard the dead pitcher lol)
  6. D

    Free Sarracenia: Enormous variety

    I have a huge collection of Sarracenia. Many are endangered, many are rare, many are from Meadowview Biological Research Station and expensive to buy. Two things have happened in my collection: 1) They keep reproducing, so I have run out of space 2) I am moving from the Midwest to Arizona and am...
  7. R

    Help! fugus on my sundew!

    So I noticed black dots on the lamina of my D. Falconeri. At first I thought the dots were dirt from when I took leaf pullings but now I know its fungus, so My question is what would be a safe fungicide to use? Heres a pic a couple of days ago, And today,
  8. fly-catchers

    Death toll continues...

    Lost my big 22 year old H. nutans and another helia hybrid yesterday. And today my big and beautiful H. ceracea shrivelled and curled up dead! One of my favorites and only a week ago when it looked fine feared its demise. As I have lost so many favorites and older plants will not continue...
  9. bellsprout

    What after germination?

    Hi all, me again with a question for seed growers, especially Nepenthes attenboroughii seed. I'm a beginner and tried my first Nep seeds: I bought some (probably old) Nepenthes seeds online and sowed them the 13th of september. Only the attenboroughii germinated (october 15th), now 8 plants...
  10. mcantrell

    Sssh... they're sleeping! (Fridge method photos)

    October 31st November 12th So while I was at Lowes a few months back, I noticed some Deathcubes on sale. 50% off. And I'm a sucker for hard luck cases. :) These were the "have some peat, have some plants in ziplock bags that are 'dormant', good luck" type that starting appearing in stores...
  11. jlechtm

    Sarracenia seedling die-off question

    I'm not new to growing Sarracenia, but I am fairly new to growing them from seed. I successfully germinated a number of species this spring, and most seemed to be growing quite well ... Until this week. Most seedlings vary from seed leaves to beginning to put up their second true...
  12. H

    Tebuconazole, anyone have any problems?

    Anybody use tebuconazole on seeds? The Sarr seeds I treated with this stuff during stratification didn't germinate very well at all. Wondering if my problem might have been the fungicide.
  13. JMN16150

    Cinamon and it's duties? Is it harmful to utrics?

    Does cinnamon really work as a fungicide? If it does, would it hurt utricularias? Thanks People!:awesome:
  14. G

    Frig hybernation preperation question

    About to bare root my vft and pitcher plant for storage in the fridge for the winter. I need opinions on whether to just trim dead parts off plants before spraying with fungicide or cut the whole top off the plants. Since they will be "asleep" with no light, will the green parts just encourage...
  15. kwende


    For the past three years now I have trimmed back my Sarrs and placed them into the refrigerator when winter came around. It wasn't until I joined this group that I realized they could survive in a bog outside where I live (Nebraska: zone 5b) if special care was taken. Next year I plan to do...
  16. uphwiz

    VFT dormancy ?? fridge

    Im thinking .:-D Why cant I just put all these traps as is, (just like they are in my mini fridge at say 42 to 46 F till late february), and just pot them back up then ? . I know others do this , but do I need to do more than just putting another stryo. plate on as a lid, and tape them...
  17. J

    Is there any particular kind of fungicide I should get for my VFT?

    I need to overwinter it in the fridge, and I'm not sure what kind of fungicide to get. Any tips/anything to avoid?
  18. jrmc114064

    Possibly dangerous mold.......

    I have had my little Cephalotus for a month now and am starting to introduce lower humidity but have had some sort of mold growing on the soil and even with fungicide has continued to grow on the surface of the soil and am not waiting to see if it is harmful, Could someone identify the mold and...
  19. C

    grey furry weblike stuff on my nep soil

    Hello, I have some kind of grey weblike stuff growing on my nep soil. I cant seem to figure out how to post a pic, or I would. I would describe it as if tiny spiders were spinning very dense webs across my moss. I don't Know what it is, but fungicide wont kill it. I blast it away with water and...
  20. K

    fungicide for root rot

    hi guys i just discovered a fungicide that deals with root rot. The active ingredient is captan. Has anyone used a fungicide with captan safely on nepenthes. The ratio is 500g per kg