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fungicide for Sundews?

Hi folks.

I have a problem with some of my sundews. Unfortunatly i do not have any pics i can share due to a NDS i had to sign, i might be able to share them in private message.

I am thinking i might have a fungus issue. Some of my sundews have the tips of thier leaves turning brown. This is not just turning red due to plenty of wonderful light, rather, something is clearly wrong. This is happening on older and new growth too, even on some leaves that have yet to unfurl.

They get plenty of light, fresh distilled water, and there are trays of sphagnum moss growing with them. I have about 15 of these sundews and about half of them are starting to have this issue.

If anybody has any suggestions, or thinks they can confirm it is a fungus i can send photos through private email if needed. I am about to quarantine the affected plants as soon as i have time this evening.

I have hear descriptions of this being fungus, but i am not sure what might be safe to try to treat them with.

ANy help would be great, if you want some pics just PM me an email address and ill send you a link with the images.

Sorry i wish i could just put the images up, but unfortunately i cant do that with this project, i promise this is legit, not spam, or anything like that.

thank you!