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  1. adnedarn

    Forum move... Prepare for some strangeness and down time. Check your book mark....

    First off, check your bookmark... it should be www.terraforums.com or terraforums.com (either should work) I just don't know if /forums at the end will still work, so best to make sure you don't use it. So, I'm going to be moving the forum over to a new server company... quite a bit faster...
  2. R

    Short notice Veterans Day Cephalotus Giveaway

    The plan is to pack this up tomorrow morning and mail it off, so I would need the postage paypaled before the end of the day. I will be picking the winner in about 8-9 hrs. Sorry for the short notice but health issues have made it hard to do much and I'm feeling well enough to actually make some...
  3. bluemax

    Drosera lanata to trade for other petiolaris species.

    I currently have several mature Drosera lanata (AG3 clone) plants to trade. I am looking for D. fulva, D. banksii, D. darwinensis, D. kenneallyi, D. ordensis or any of the aff. species/forms. This photo shows the same clone I am offering. If you are interested send me a pm (personal message) or...
  4. F

    Birthday giveaway!! S. Jonseii

    Hi everyone! I am so excited, this is my first ever giveaway and I am ready to spread the kindness around that has been shown to me. My birthday is coming up on the 1st of November and I thought it would be fun to do a seed giveaway. I will pick two lucky winners the day after my birthday to...
  5. SerMuncherIV

    Nepenthes singlana x aristolochioides pollen available soon

    Pollen from one of BE's N. singalana x aristolochioides available soon. Looking for an attractive female to send pollen to. 50/50 split on seeds. Thanks!
  6. adnedarn

    WTB: Looking for Venus Flytrap expansion pack!

    WTB: Looking for Venus Flytrap expansion pack! Sadly I don't have many varieties of flytraps and I would like to fix that. I don't really want to pick up one flytrap here and one there, I would rather do... maybe a minimum of 4, but I could definitely take a much larger selection if you have...
  7. P


    Hey everyone. New to cps but I'm having some trouble with some dews. Any help I appreciate. Not sure how to send photos on here yet.
  8. kayaker78

    P. 'Weser'

    I gave away my collection 5 years ago during a move to Utah and I'm starting to rebuild so I am looking for a lot of things, but at the moment I'm focusing on Pings. I have some small P. 'Weser' starts that are about an inch across. I'm wanting other pings. I am unable to upload a picture...
  9. Shadowtski

    Akai Ryu from Flower Scape Cutting

    Today I potted up a baby VFT "Akai Ryu". I bought the parent plant from FlyTrapShop.com. It arrived on May 3rd. It started to send up a flower scape soon after it arrived. I cut the scape and tossed it in some live sphagnum on May 28th. On July 23rd, I saw several growth buds appear. Today it...
  10. ArcanaCapra

    ArcanaCapra 's Grow List

    Just registering my little collection Nepenthes: N. Graciliflora Dionaea: Typical Drosera: D. Spatulata * D. Intermedia * D. Madagascariensis * D. Capensis 'alba' * D. Burmannii D. Burmannii 'Hong Kong' Seeds wish list: Drosera: D. Burmannii (of any variation I dont have) D. Binata...
  11. S

    Cheap, easy grow rack suggestions?

    Hey guys! Looking to expand my indoor growing area for the winter so I can move away from using windowsills 6 months out of the year for all of my generally "highland" type plants and give them the light they deserve. I am mostly looking for cheap/easy lighting fixtures, and maybe for racks as...
  12. P

    Pearldiver's semi-annual Aldrovanda giveaway

    Hi there, Up for grabs one piece Japanese green Aldrovanda. Two lots, so two entries can win. The drop down says for active members, that will apply unless you have been a member a month or less, then you can enter as well if you wish. Do some research if you have not grown this plant...
  13. CoolCapensis

    Unidentified drosera seed giveaway (Picture Included)

    Giveaway closed, thanks for participating! Hi everyone, I have several seed pods to give away from a newly acquired unidentified drosera. I've included a picture but it's not the best as the plant isn't quite established yet. Please start a standard numbered list with your Terraforums username...
  14. Shadowtski

    Drosera finlaysonia seed

    This giveaway is now closed. 7/29/2016 No more entries will be accepted. Drosera finlaysoniana seed Giveaway I harvested some seed from my Drosera finlaysoniana today. It's a member of the Drosera indica complex.The plant is all green and the flower is a light pink. I've posted photos of...
  15. P

    D. Binata seed giveaway

    Hey guys I have some seeds from my Binata. I'm not sure exactly what variety it is since they grew from seeds that were in the pots of some Sarracenias that I obtained last summer. A guess might be that they are of the "Triffida" form. The rules are anyone can join just start a numbered list...
  16. P

    Water plants up for grabs

    Hi there, I am fixing to thin out some of my tubs and tanks on the patio. There is a lot of excess lemon bacopa, water celery, Elodea, Rotala, two Cyperus spp., maybe a few others. Postage on you, post here and send a pm if interested. Could turn into a trade if you wish and have something...
  17. cwatson1414

    Pinguicula esseriana for trade

    Small plants from pullings, less than one inch across, but several months old and growing well. Looking especially for : Mexican pinguicula, stapelia/Huernia/orbea cuttings Drosera do really badly in my current set up, and so I'm not really looking for those. Also, since the plants are so...
  18. DragonsEye

    Moctezumae weirdness

    Unsure of just what the deal is with this plant. It was one of only two mex pings that went dormant on me this past winter. The other ping, an esseriana, came out of dormancy just fine. The moctezumae, on the other hand, looked like it was going to send up a flower spike but then did this:
  19. H

    Sarracenia species seeds giveaway

    A packet of sarracenia species. No hybrids here, 99% sure of that. Definitely some minor and rubra, maybe some leucophylla and flava. Dunno about purp and pssitciana. Maybe there are some. These were unplanted seeds from last year. You must be able to send a sase to enter, and have 25 posts...
  20. Benurmanii

    Benurmanii's modest grow list

    I lied... :jester: If there is anything that I don't have for trade, but you are dying to have, send me a pm and I'll see if I see what I can start propagating for ya. I'm always looking for different clones than what I have, so if you have something I already have on my growlist, send me a...