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Pearldiver's semi-annual Aldrovanda giveaway

Hi there,

Up for grabs one piece Japanese green Aldrovanda. Two lots, so two entries can win. The drop down says for active members, that will apply unless you have been a member a month or less, then you can enter as well if you wish. Do some research if you have not grown this plant before. There are some tutorials around here as well if you seek them out. Winners will get some companion plants as well.
Postage on you, $10 via Paypal to my pp address gnixon@satx.rr.com. Will consider trade offers as well. Your package will include a small bit of water with microfauna to get you started. Here are a couple of pics of the plants:

To enter, do the numbers thing, 1) Fred Gomez Carasco or whatever your screenname is...post here, then send me a PM.


Winners by rng in a week-ish.
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I would highly recommend only entering the giveaway if you already have an aquatic plant culture set up. I learned the hard way last year that these plants do not do well when introduced to a fresh, uncured culture. Everything's set up for me now though, so

1. Nimbulan - Thanks!
1. Nimbulan - Thanks!
2. afrodisa - thanks for the chance
Offer closed, plants to go out in the next day or two.
Any left?