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  1. E

    Give Away Mature Sarracenia

    **EDIT - All plants claimed ----- I will be making a long-distance move soon, and I am unfortunately not able to take my Sarracenia bog with me. I have ONE of each of the following available to give away, first come, first serve, cont. US only. Please post below with which plant(s) you would...
  2. D

    Give Away For Active Members Porpax Ustulata one pseudobulb division in active growth

    Get this rare and intriguing red flowered micro mini orchid for free! First to respond is the winner, just pm me the details of where to ship, USA only.
  3. Shadowtski

    Give Away Giveaway Drosera scorpioides Gemmae

    I won some gemmae from Flora in a giveaway last year. They produced gemmae for me so it's time to Pay It Forward. Anybody want Drosera scorpioides? It's one of the largest Pygmy Sundews. I have one package of Gemmae to give away, harvested today. There are about 12 Gemmae in the pack. Gemmae...
  4. F

    'Tis the season for Gemmae

    Hello and Happy Holidays to everyone!! I am doing a quick weekend giveaway. I will pick the winners on Sunday morning and mail these guys out first thing Monday. I have way more than I need (or have room for, LOL) so I'm passing on the bounty. Postage is on me, all I need is your address. What...
  5. bluemax

    Seed giveaway - Drosera filiformis “Florida Red” with white flowers

    For discussion of the plants these seeds came from see here: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/sundews-drosera-byblis-drosophyllum/141218-drosera-filiformis-florida-red-white-flowers.html I will give away 2 packets of seed from these plants to 2 people who have been registered with Terra Forums...
  6. R

    Short notice Veterans Day Cephalotus Giveaway

    The plan is to pack this up tomorrow morning and mail it off, so I would need the postage paypaled before the end of the day. I will be picking the winner in about 8-9 hrs. Sorry for the short notice but health issues have made it hard to do much and I'm feeling well enough to actually make some...
  7. F

    Birthday giveaway!! S. Jonseii

    Hi everyone! I am so excited, this is my first ever giveaway and I am ready to spread the kindness around that has been shown to me. My birthday is coming up on the 1st of November and I thought it would be fun to do a seed giveaway. I will pick two lucky winners the day after my birthday to...
  8. Swagalotus

    Nepenthes lowii

    Giving away this small/medium nepenthes lowii. This is a TC clone from Native Exotics which has proven to be very vigorous. It has doubled in size in my care in only a few months, which is especially surprising since it experienced ultralowland conditions all summer long. I am sure that a...
  9. D

    Assorted Giveaway!

    Alright folks, I have a little goodie bag of beginner seeds to give away today. Some of these are a year old and have been refrigerated since I harvested them, others are only a few weeks old. Winner will supply a SASE for the seeds, US only and lets say users with at least 25 posts. Standard...
  10. PsychoSarah

    Nepenthes cuttings giveaway

    Wow, it has been a long time since I have been on these forums. My life got pretty crazy for a while, but I still actively grow my carnivorous plants. So, I experimented with cuttings since I have last been on here, and way more of them survived than I was expecting. So, now I have 8 rooted...
  11. P

    Pearldiver's semi-annual Aldrovanda giveaway

    Hi there, Up for grabs one piece Japanese green Aldrovanda. Two lots, so two entries can win. The drop down says for active members, that will apply unless you have been a member a month or less, then you can enter as well if you wish. Do some research if you have not grown this plant...
  12. CoolCapensis

    Unidentified drosera seed giveaway (Picture Included)

    Giveaway closed, thanks for participating! Hi everyone, I have several seed pods to give away from a newly acquired unidentified drosera. I've included a picture but it's not the best as the plant isn't quite established yet. Please start a standard numbered list with your Terraforums username...
  13. Shadowtski

    Drosera finlaysonia seed

    This giveaway is now closed. 7/29/2016 No more entries will be accepted. Drosera finlaysoniana seed Giveaway I harvested some seed from my Drosera finlaysoniana today. It's a member of the Drosera indica complex.The plant is all green and the flower is a light pink. I've posted photos of...
  14. P

    D. Binata seed giveaway

    Hey guys I have some seeds from my Binata. I'm not sure exactly what variety it is since they grew from seeds that were in the pots of some Sarracenias that I obtained last summer. A guess might be that they are of the "Triffida" form. The rules are anyone can join just start a numbered list...
  15. Shadowtski

    Seeds: Drosera capensis with interesting genetics

    Giveaway Closed - Seeds: Drosera capensis with interesting genetics Giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered. I have a package of seeds to give away. The parent plant was grown from D. capensis "Giant" seeds. ( Source: ICPS Seedbank ) The seeds grew into large vigorous plants...
  16. Shadowtski

    CP Water Germination Experiment Phase 2

    I tried to germinate CP seeds in test tubes filled with distilled water, using a magnifying glass to easily see when they started to germinate and sprout a root and leaves. I tried tropical and subtropical species, mostly Drosera. I wrote that up a few months ago as CP Water Germination...
  17. C

    New project: Drosera Seed

    Guessing Drosera seed(lings) & plantlet Another 'Drosera giveaway' from my breeder. What kind of Seed he throws? no idea. It was his joke. 20 people will get seeds, but the spesific will be a secret. It was small.. I am sorry. I mean TINY........ It was black. It shaped like elips with sharp...
  18. Shadowtski

    Drosera finlaysoniana Flowering

    Here are some mediocre photos of my Drosera finlaysoniana. They're annuals grown from seed from the ICPS Seedbank. Seed was planted on March 9th in a water filled test tube. It germinated in 11 days and was potted up on March 22nd. In 3 months, they've grown to a height of almost 6 inches, still...
  19. CoolCapensis

    CoolCapensis Growlist

    Dionaea Typical King Henry Dentate traps Akai Ryu Cupped trap Sarracenia Purpurea venosa Mardi Gras Minor hybrid Jonesii Alata Oreophila Smurf Minor Drosera Capensis Natalensis Capensis var Alba Burmannii Binata Adelae Madagascariensis Spatulata? Regia Tokaiensis Regia "Big Easy"...
  20. H

    Sarracenia species seeds giveaway

    A packet of sarracenia species. No hybrids here, 99% sure of that. Definitely some minor and rubra, maybe some leucophylla and flava. Dunno about purp and pssitciana. Maybe there are some. These were unplanted seeds from last year. You must be able to send a sase to enter, and have 25 posts...