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  • It would be awesome to see an update on your LED grow rack thread that you had going. Wonder what changes you may have made or what you would have done differently now 6 years into the project.
    Thought SA was South Africa, not South Australia, but not too good in geography of Utrics.
    The BC is referencing the source of the plant, it was imported from Best Carnivourous Plants. You will see alot of plants with BC or BCP refering to the import source. The SA in this case is refering to Durban, South African the location the plant was collected from.

    Here is the full listing from there site.

    Description - Utricularia livida {blue flw., Durban, SA}
    I got a Livida BC Blue Durban, SA in a recent giveaway. I was just wondering what BC and SA stand for.
    Thank you.
    Oh yeah, It's in bud too!
    hey im interested in the Nepenthes ampullaria, i do have an alata "luzon" that has 3 shoots. im thinking of dividing if possible and or taking cuttings. interested?
    I have following seeds:
    N. Neoguiniiensis
    N. Alata 'Giant' x ventricosa_Clyde Bramblett
    N. Splendiana x coceinea
    N. Reinwartiana x eustachya
    N. VeitchiixN.Tiveyii of Honolulu
    N. Mirabilis Trang Bizzare_Thailand Viking
    N. Reinward x Adrianii
    N. Thorellii giant
    N. Viking winged x (Vikingxbical)
    N. Maxima mini x boschiana
    N. Reinwardtiana-Borneo
    N. Viking
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