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  • thats OK im getting a little low had lots of response to the offer, ill send what i can
    Sounds like you are definitely starting up a good collection. I noticed my VFT were getting alittle sunburned also, so I had to move them so they weren't getting direct sunlight for too long -- now mine are looking better! Can't wait till the t-storms pick up again, tho, this dry hot weather with no rain stinks!!!! Happy growing!
    Hey, just wondering how your carnivorous collection is coming along. It seems our rainy season has returned early and I have to say my Neps are definitely starting to show improvement from the winter. I have a Miranda trap which is about 14 inches in length and almost the width of a coke can!!!! Hopefully with this warm weather, my Neps will be producing good looking traps! My Sarrs and VFT seem to be doing pretty well in the heat too, I just have been giving them some afternoon shade. Hope all is well with your plants!!!!
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