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Cheap, easy grow rack suggestions?

Hey guys! Looking to expand my indoor growing area for the winter so I can move away from using windowsills 6 months out of the year for all of my generally "highland" type plants and give them the light they deserve. I am mostly looking for cheap/easy lighting fixtures, and maybe for racks as well (though that seems to be the easy part) and would appreciate any advice or just plain inspiration from anyone who wants to chime in.
For reference, I've got mainly drosera, a few pings and utrics (and I'll probably move a couple of my pickier neps over, too, but truth be told some of them have acclimated so well to the windowsill that I don't want to mess with them too much and make them pout).
What do you guys use? Any cool pics of your setups? Send 'em my way!
I used those 48 inch shop lights with good results. With T8 bulbs I got some good color out of the neps and sundews I grew under them. Racks are easy but I think those metal shelves with the metal grate shelves are the best. You can hang the lights on the bottom of one shelf through the grating. I don't have the racks or much of a collection to show though.
I don't grow any highlanders, but the type of racks Grey Moss mentioned also allow for better ,,air' circulation. I use 48" T12 bulbs ("daylight spectrum") on my grow rack. Pings color up nicely under such light.
I use a black-coated wire shelving unit for a lot of my indoor plants. It's easy to set up and the wire shelves make it very convenient to hang light fixtures from them.