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Moctezumae weirdness


carnivorous plants of the world -- unite!
Unsure of just what the deal is with this plant. It was one of only two mex pings that went dormant on me this past winter. The other ping, an esseriana, came out of dormancy just fine. The moctezumae, on the other hand, looked like it was going to send up a flower spike but then did this:

I would personally change the soil if the leaves in the center start browning like that. Either more mineral, or some people grow it in pure sphagnum; this has happened to me right before a plant has taken on crown rot.
This species is really weird for me too. The first time I grew it, it was in pure peat and absolutely went bananas with flowering - but then it turned to mush during winter. The next time I tried it would not grow in anything but straight APS.
I'd take a leaf pulling now, as an insurance...
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^ yeah do that. Also agree with w03, despite being considered weedy, this species is touchy, more so than any other ping I grow. When it's happy, it is weedy though.

I have had pings do this is response to high temps and low humidity. Could that be the case?

moctezumae is a calcareous specie see here 'in situ' Postcard_25

in my home , no dormancy for them :bigthumpup: always wet all the time .

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i was surprised mine went dormant considering most of my mex pings did not.

This one did have a pup which I removed and planted in straight turface to see if it did any better.

Interesting, Jeff, didn't know native populations occupy a calcareous habitat. The mix it is in now is pretty neutral in pH. I do have a more calcareous (basic/ higher pH) mix I use for my cacti. Perhaps I'll give that a try....

Almost hate to Tyra leaf pulling considering it is not a big plant.


' in situ' a significant number of ping living in limestone areas, as well in mexico, cuba , in south america or europe :beer: