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  • I would still think the same, for the ×ventrata, but some alata clones are really pretty.
    Oh, okay. Thanks for letting me know and hope you have fun in Taiwan, I just got back from a CP Bog, you see. :O
    Hope to talk more to you later on. Thanks on the sanguinea comment, but I'm not extremely fond of it, since there are a lot of prettier Nepenthes sanguinea clones, I happen to have bought the 'ugly' clone that puts sanguineas to shame according to other members on here. :p
    The bird (George) is a pet. Even if I had a large enough pitcher, I wouldn't dare. ;)
    Light? Temps? Too much humidity? Remaining shock from tissue culture? Overwatering? Adapting to new conditions? Incorrect/old soil? Could be any of those things and more. (Though some of them are less likely, considering the fact that you are probably experienced enough to avoid "beginner" mistakes.)
    my ventricosa is a heathly plant but im really havin trouble with the pitchers. there gettin about 2 inches then they are just dying.
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