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  1. Radagast

    Drosera seed trade

    Hey Folks - I'm a pretty big fan of Drosera graomogolensis, Drosera esmeraldae, Drosera oblanceolata and would love to add any of them to my collection. I have several species of Drosera that are currently flowering and will be harvesting the seeds once the stalks ripen. If anyone has seeds of...
  2. David F

    Drosera indica seed give away.

    Hey guys, I've been done with this hobby for a while, but I have a large stockpile of drosera indica seeds. I believe it is the "pale pink flower" variety. Though I know there has been some confusion in the Drosera indica "complex" the name I know them by is "pale pink". The plant's parents...
  3. Acro

    FREE: Drosera capensis {Typical & Albino} Stem Cuttings

    Drosera capensis {Typical & Albino} flower stem cuttings. Grow dozens of plantlets yourself (this will give you a LOT of plants!). Stems will be precut. Just send a SASE. If it is mad cold or hot where you are, do not request plants at this time. Post up and PM me if you want them! Fist to...
  4. C

    Malleola seidenfadenia culture suggestions?

    I recently bought Malleola seidenfadenia from a seller on eBay. The plant isn't doing well. The seller told me the condition of the plant is the result of shipping. I suspect the seller didn't send a healthy and well cultured plant. Anyway, the plant is alive but has only two leaves. It's been...
  5. M Jacobs

    Importing from AU

    So after much research on previous threads about importing plants nepenthes hybrids from EP, I think I have everything down but would like conformation still. Also if i am not aloud to talk about companies other than flytrapshop then if possible could the mods just delete the thread. I need...
  6. R

    Three Ceph leaf pulls Giveway - NOT rooted plants

    I will send 3 freshly plucked Ceph Emu Point leaves on the day of shipping. Sorry only Emu Point leaves this round as the rest of the clones didn't produce a lot of leaves over the summer. All you need to do to enter is to post a photo of YOUR most unique plant! (how you define unique is up to...
  7. Monkey

    First planted tank!

    I've started my first ever planted tank. I recently got rid of my 55 gallon, so this is just made of a ten gallon I had lying around. A member here on the forums was generous enough to send me several plants to start up. It's a dirt bottom tank with the LED equivalent of 40 watts of light. I'm...
  8. Goodkoalie

    Sarracenia seed givewaway

    Hi all. I am giving away 2 packets of about 40 seeds each, they are S. oreophila x s. flava var, cupurea "BH" They are the first seeds i have ever harvested that have germanted for me, the batch i kept is growing well. http://sarracenia.proboards.com/thread/369/oreophila-alabama-clone Oreo...
  9. CorneliusSchrute

    Planning Cobras' Doom

    A while back on another forum I read a thread about a person "doing everything wrong with Darlingtonia." Essentially, he obtained a death cube cobra from Lowe's, and, not knowing what to do with it, placed it in a sealed glass jar terrarium in Miracle Grow potting mix. He watered by spraying tap...
  10. richjam1986

    Anyone have Heliamphora pollen? Will trade for seed

    Hi all. My H. minor is currently flowering and the flower should open within a week or so. Does anyone have a blooming Heli they can spare some pollen from , or some stored heliamphora pollen? I would love to give Heliamphora seed a try. Or, is there any way to self pollinate? I understand...
  11. Victoria

    Looking for Sarracenia and VFT's

    I am looking for some more Sarrs as well as some VFT's as I dont have any in my bog and I think they would be a nice addition. I can send pics upon request, just dont have time to upload them all right now. So....here is what I have for trade: P. gracilis x moctezumae P. agnata "true blue" P...
  12. That One Guy

    Grape plants for Trade (feeler) :cool:

    Hey all, Just a feeler thread. I have an abundance of established grape plants, all with great root systems. Some of the same plants were planted in the ground back in June, grew tremendously fast, and have yielded fruit. These are in pots however so they just need to expand their roots a bit...
  13. charlie

    Sundew giveaway

    I am giving away a D. sessifolia. The TF community has been so incredibly generous. I'm just returning the favor. Drawing will be the saturday the 23'rd. Rules -Be willing to send me $5 for shipping -Be active enough to get back to me if you win -Use the familiar method here. Cut and paste...