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Anyone have Heliamphora pollen? Will trade for seed

Hi all.

My H. minor is currently flowering and the flower should open within a week or so. Does anyone have a blooming Heli they can spare some pollen from , or some stored heliamphora pollen? I would love to give Heliamphora seed a try. Or, is there any way to self pollinate? I understand that the stigma and the anther sacks mature at different times, making self pollination difficult or impossible...

In trade for the pollen, I will send you half of any resulting seed once the seed matures.

Thanks for looking!

I might have pollen ready from H.minor, sarracenioides, heterodoxa x minor and nutans "Giant". I'll take a look this weekend and see if anything is ready.
Haven't received any concrete offers yet. Anyone else have Heli pollen they may be willing to share?