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2021 NASC Benefit Auction!

Review the rules in the 2021 NASC Benefit Auction forum. Listing and bidding for the NASC auction begins in
2021 NASC auction is LIVE! List items and bid now, thanks for your support!
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  • Sorry but Luca AKA Heli won a contest of mine and he got to choose my avatar for a month.
    Thanks man. Sorry I couldn't get it, but I'm sure someone will want it.
    I used to live in Littlerock, CA. How do you like trying to grow CP's in the hot desert?

    Nice! I go to the Littlerock post office for my shipping needs... It's closer to my house than the one in central Palmdale.
    Growing CPs is surprisingly easy here. I only grow temperate species, though. I've established a growing method that works and the plants, especially the Sarrs thrive in my back yard in full blazing sun. :)
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