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Grape plants for Trade (feeler) :cool:

Hey all,
Just a feeler thread.

I have an abundance of established grape plants, all with great root systems. Some of the same plants were planted in the ground back in June, grew tremendously fast, and have yielded fruit. These are in pots however so they just need to expand their roots a bit but fruit shouldn't be far off. These aren't seedless variety although I'm not 100% sure, just my guess based on the fruit that the others have produced. I will get pics tomorrow or Monday.

In exchange I'd like sarracenia. I'm starting a sarracenia collection, only have 2 at the moment so anything would be fine. (I know grape isn't so rare) :p so any sarr is fine except for S. psittacina, purp, and Dana's delight. Could send more than 1 plant per sarr if that's what anybody wants for their sarr.

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