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Three Ceph leaf pulls Giveway - NOT rooted plants

I will send 3 freshly plucked Ceph Emu Point leaves on the day of shipping. Sorry only Emu Point leaves this round as the rest of the clones didn't produce a lot of leaves over the summer.

All you need to do to enter is to post a photo of YOUR most unique plant! (how you define unique is up to you, does not have to be a CP) and be able to follow the rules below. Winner will be determined by my 14 year old son. We are paying the shipping so there is not cost to you.

1. Continential US only.
2. You must be an active(ish) member of the forums, if you only post in giveaway threads, move on.
3. We will be shipping out between 19-29 Sept, so you must be able to work around that and we will pick the shipping day . No extra packing days or trips to the post office!
4. You post up a giveway some time before it gets too cold to ship, the expection to this rule is those that clearly fit into the beginner category and have nothing to offer AND are active(ish) members (see rule 2).
Bicalcarata my son calls it the vampire pitcher. And thanks for this oppurtunity.

Here's my N. hamata. I love the teeth!
OH my gosh competition is so fierce. My Drosera Binata

I'd vote for the vampire nepenthes

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Nice hamata charlie! And thank you ps3 your binata looks awesome and great pic too!

Dodder, a chlorophyll-lacking plant that feeds by parisitizing other plants.

Drosera omissa x pulchella, my first pygmy sundew! Wish I could find a pic that included scale because they're sooo tiny.

Hope my recent giveaway post counts because I won't have anything else to give away until spring repotting season.
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My second this year, double headed Venus flytrap
Glands from the inside of my N. maxima under a microscope. Thanks!
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Hidden creature


Hidden creature :spidersmile:
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such great pictures, just had to show mine off


S.purpurea ssp. venosa Tattnall Co , GA .
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And the winner is...Dawlito

Just need a shipping address PM'd to me.
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Yay...... Thank you.