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  1. S

    smurf's indoor green house

    hello, New collector, with a very small collection. Just want to start a log I can check on and possibly get some tips/advice. Feel free to leave a comment or questions. My next pictures will be correct side-up. (sorry about sideways pics, too lazy to fix) n. ventrada smaller n. ventrada...
  2. N

    For Pokie22

    A huge thank you to Jennifer for your knowledge and expertise on how to coax ceph seeds to germinate. :hail: :hail: One has finally sprouted and 3 more are slowly behind it! Little bugger is so tiny I didn't even notice it when it first popped it's head up. Sorry for the lousy pic, the more I...
  3. P

    Ceph for trade

    I have 2 pots of typical Ceph for trade. I am looking for Nep and tuberous drosera that I don't have. Please pm me to make offer. Please also let me know which plant (#1 or #2) you want. Plant#1 in 3 inches pot Plant#2 in 3 inches pot Thank you, Patrick
  4. NatchGreyes

    Cephs for Cephs

    Hi All - A few years ago, I was lucky to win a set of Ceph leaf-pullings in a giveaway on here. I actually succeeded in getting some of them to root and grow well. I now find myself with a spare "Big Boy" and a spare "Vigorous". (They can - more or less - be seen through the tags below). I'm...
  5. Jcal

    Ceph toms thumb

    Looking for this clone. If you have it available please pm or email me to work out a trade. Quisemeister@gmail.com
  6. Alvin 415

    Cephalotus in LECA

    I potted this ceph in LECA about a month ago. Thanks for looking! Before: After: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. gill_za

    Caught a worm in Cephalotus purched online, should I repot?

    Ordered a cephalotus online. It arrived "shaken, not stirred". On top of that I noticed upon closer examination of the plant an earth worm poking out to say hello. Worm was evicted with prejudice but where there is one, there could be more. The general rule of thumb is to leave a Ceph that...
  8. R

    for a random NASC auction donor: 3 Ceph leaves - NOT Rooted Plants

    Give away for a random NASC auction donor for the year of 2016, the winner will receive 3 Ceph leaves - NOT Rooted Plants of my choice. I will try to work with the winner to send a clone they don't already have but no promises. The winner will be chosen before the end of the month, a few days...
  9. R

    for a random NASC auction donor: One rooted Cephalotus

    Give away for a random NASC auction donor for the year of 2016, the winner will receive one potted Ceph of my choice. I will try to work with the winner to send a clone they don't already have but no promises. The winner will be chosen before the end of the month, a few days before we plan on...
  10. Flip_Side_the_Pint

    My Cephalotus collection

    I have a small collection of cephalotus. The problem is though I tend to pay more attention to my nepenthes and so my ceph s get neglected. They seem to be doing ok but I have decided to take better care of them starting now. Usually I don't check them or water them for weeks at a time, but they...
  11. R

    *PAID* Cephalotus Location Emu Point - Miracle grow medium (QuakingBog $65)

    1) Opening Bid of $2. 2) Cephalotus Location Emu Point growing under LED lighting in the cheapest Miracle grow potting soil I could find. It was an attempt to verify other peoples successes using this medium. I would highly recommend repotting it into a more traditional Ceph mix a few months...
  12. gill_za

    Hoffman horticultural charcoal for cephalotus soil

    Hi All, I would like to find out if anyone had experience using Horticultural Charcoal like the one below as an additive to the soil for Cephs? Couple of days ago I divided and replanted my Cephalotus in a mix that contained Charcoal (~10%) as per the soil recommendation I have seen on other...
  13. F

    Cephalotus leaf yellowing

    Hi all, I got this ceph about two and a half months ago. It lives outside in south Florida in part shade. Temps range from 45 to 90F, and lately no lower than the mid sixties. It gets two hours of sun in its current position. I was originally told that it was 'recently' (whatever that means)...
  14. farmertom

    Stalled ceph pitcher?

    Quick question- my cephalotus has been workin on a really nice pitcher consistently all through winter, but now with better light and temps, it seems like new growth is taking off and that one much-awaited lil guy has just about stalled. Is it likely ever to open? It even put out and opened a...
  15. P

    My Ceph

    I spent months to figure out how to grow Ceph in my setting. I think I did it finally. enjoy
  16. Doomsday

    Doomsday's Pictures and Videos

    Hey, I figured I'd make a pic/vid thread to keep all of my stuff, and track the progress of my plants' and my collection. As of right now, I'm still in the start-up stage again (I used to grow cp's but took a couple year hiatus for a number of reasons), but I'm working hard on having a decent...
  17. H

    My ceph

    Just a pic pf my biggest cephalotus He was just repotted, so he's a little stressed
  18. Jcal

    Dudley watts

    Finally rounded off my ceph collection! Can't wait until these littles grow up.
  19. DJ57

    My Cephalotus

    I started rebuilding my ceph collection last year and this is what I have so far. I keep these on a south-facing windowsill in an unheated garage year round. The amount of late season sun they are getting right now has colored them up nicely. The last four pics are rescues of unknown variety I...
  20. Av8tor1

    red ceph

    taken just now :lol: