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Hey all, I was hoping you guys could help me conquer my problems with rhizome rot. I've moved all my plants outside into a small grow tent/greenhouse thing in hopes that sunlight and airflow will help prevent any new cases. However, I am also curious if there are any strong fungicides that I could use as a preventive for my remaining plants. I've lost a total of two possibly plants this dormancy with what I thought were fairly good conditions, barely moist media, protection from extreme temps, preventive sulfur fungicide application, removal of dead growth and fresh repotting into pure LFS. I'll post pictures of my rotted plants and my new greenhouse setup in hopes that they may help provide some info.

Rotted S. purpurea 1
Rotted purpurea 1 by tagregory174, on Flickr
Rotted S. purpurea 2
Rotted purpurea 2 by tagregory174, on Flickr
Rotted S. flava var. rugelii
IMG_4730 by tagregory174, on Flickr
Grow tent/greenhouse thing
IMG_4940 by tagregory174, on Flickr
IMG_4939 by tagregory174, on Flickr
One of my plant's rhizome also rotted. I got a lot of great questions and feedbacks from members from Sarracenia pro boards. Here's my post


I've actually already posted there if you remember my post from a little bit ago haha :)
I'm just seeing if I can get differing opinions from different sources. There are some growers here with a lot of experience that don't frequent the Sarracenia forums
I've had this problem before. Were those plants inside? I have my Sarr's outside unprotected and have had good luck so far. Mine are just coming out of dormancy, so they are getting more water. Maybe try a sunnier spot on your porch without the plastic. At least you have some growth, they should come back.
I think the rot is due to a combination of low light and somewhat warm conditions. My Sarracenia never have an issue with low light during dormancy because they're always buried under a bed of pine needles and 2 feet of snow in 15F weather. I've found that plants tolerate lower light with lower temperatures because it forces them into a deeper dormancy. For the S. purpurea at least, it might be beneficial to allow the pot to stay frozen solid the entire winter; more ice = less liquid water = less rot. What are your average winter temps? If the days are above freezing, but the nights go below, that could be the cause for rot. Removing the tent might help too, you'll want lower humidity and as much airflow as possible.
Thanks for the replies! I've been keeping them in my garage at home because as a college student I have no possible way to take care of my plants at school, therefore I have to leave them at home with my parents. I feel bad making them take care of something else of mine since they've already done so much for me so I try to make it as carefree for them as possible. Plus, it helps me worry less knowing that they're inside and not facing the elements without me there to watch/protect. Unfortunately, as I've recently learned, my garage just makes a breeding ground for fungi and pathogens.

I'll definitely take them out of the grow tent the next time I make it home. I put them in there in attempt to raise the temperature a few degrees to keep them warmer at night since recently temps have been going between 40s and 50s in the day to below freezing on some nights.

I'm also looking into systemic fungicides. I've been recommended a product called Cleary's 3336 WP, and products containing tebuconazal. Are these safe to use and if so how should I apply them?
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