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  • Unfortuantely, it died off. I will have more stuff to trade for in the spring, if that would be ok.
    It's um... hopefully good.
    If not I will let you know, but if we do trade again(I can send gemmae) then I'd like to wait till it's a bit bigger, if you don;'t mind.
    Glad to hear mine got there fine!
    Right now, I am monitoring the gyp. Some of its leaves are browning. I will let you know.
    im still new to gypsicola , so its new to me hte mother of this leaf pull is somewhat stalled wut still loks great , i have pulled several more leaves and am starting them now hope they take off as well , let me know if yours doesnt make it, its sister is going strong.
    your plants look great thanks for sharing , your plants with me .
    Also, what month do yours normally go dormant? And how can you tell when a plant that size goes into dormancy? How long do you think it should take to get it up to an inch in size?(Sorry for all the questions, just excited to have a gyp.
    It is so so so so cute!!!!!!
    I kinda crushed it but what I did(my friend had a pot from SNW with the media still in it, cause the original plant died, so I tucked it in the moss) and I hope it survives!
    How does mine look?
    Good luck!
    If it died in transit, I have another leaf pulling I can donate.
    yours is in the mail ,just be very careful and plant the leaf in your favorite ping mix , i use 2 parts vermiculite to 1 part silica sand or play sand from lowes will do. I have mine sitting just barely above the mix as the roots will find their way down to the soil , you can use the leaf , still attached to hold it in place , don't get it too high though, just barely above soil, barely.
    Yep. Just got back from school. We are going out later tonight. I will get it ready right before we leave.
    Guess the first one shows the great coloring, so that one with maybe a little cropping , want me to crop it , i have a great program for it? wouldnt to loose too much is all ,
    thanks for letting one of mine in , I have and unbelievable ceph hummer right now, that will blow minds when I show it , but im scared to after the trade i just went through LOL ,
    maybe i can send you a shot or two , and their would be one in there , I'll post it on the open forum, if you like any of the shots, (though it doesnt have the exact coloring) so it would be fair that it is one every would get to see and remember when it shows up in the calendar.
    Ive got to get to work , but I'll check back this evening.
    hey jimmy! for sure i'd love to use one of your photos. which of the two would you prefer? the top image or the lower one?
    Im ready when you are though i would rather you waited to sent mine till next monday, as i like to get plants at my work shop, so i can open them right away, if they come to my home they sit all day in the hot mailbox in full sun can get quite hot even on coolish days, I cna send yours tomorrow if you want most things i send make it in about two days ,some times three, thats to anyplace in the continental USA.
    I did already pot it up , but can remove it gently and keep the mass of media in place, then you could replug it in , when you get it , its growing like a weed. check out my gypsicola thread says something like p gypsicola sprouting 17 days, its the one you first saw your cutting in.
    Ok My lights do work. my dews have gotten dew. My moranensis hybrid baby has roots. Let me know when you're ready.
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