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Death toll continues...

Lost my big 22 year old H. nutans and another helia hybrid yesterday. And today my big and beautiful H. ceracea shrivelled and curled up dead! One of my favorites and only a week ago when it looked fine feared its demise. As I have lost so many favorites and older plants will not continue growing any fresh heli- just too depressing & expensive!! And for me treating with Trichoderma atroviride did not in the long term work alas. And in the UK/ EU there is no viable fungicide available.

A shame as they were my favorite species after Nepenthes- but my luck with growing these plants (and some big nepenthes also lost) has finally run out.


A reminder of happier days!

Alas! That is tragic! :(
i am so sorry. seems that 2013 was a hard year for many...
This is so sad... Im very sorry for your plants !

But you where successfull for the last 22 years, thats mean you are an outstanding heli grower. Dont give up with this specie!!
Terrible news Bill,

Wish I knew of some way to help, I have never seen such a prolonged mass die off before.
I have no clue.... whatever it is, it is wicked.

hope it doesn't cause you to stop growing Heliamphora
really sad, 22 years is a big loss especially for something so dear to you. :-(