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  1. yuusui

    Failing nectar cups

    The Heliamphora that I got last spring are doing quite well. Lots of growth and good color. However, my H. minor isn't developing nectar cups properly. As the leaf is growing they look good, but as they start to fill out and open, they just fail. My H. heterodoxa x nutans which is in the next...
  2. N

    My grow list

    This is what I'm growing out at the moment: Nepenthis: "Lady Luck" from Borneo Exotics (I used to grow more Nep's but they grew way too large for my setup so I found a grower friend to adopt them) Heliamphora's: H. minor var. minor (FTS) H. minor var. minor "Big Orange" H. heterodoxa x...
  3. Deltatango301

    Deltatango301 Growlist

    Deltatango 301 Growlist 138 plants in Greenhouse 10' X 6' WANTED Drosera Derbyensis D. Adelae D. Ultramafica X Spatulata D. Purpurascens My Plants Orchids x phalaenopsis X 2 (Dobbies) bromeliad (Dobbies) Sun Pitcher Heliamphora nutans x heterodoxa (HV011Hants) Cobra Lily Darlingtonia...
  4. C

    Cory' grow list

    Sarracenia S rubra ssp alabamensis S. Danas delight S. Hummers hammerhead S. Psittacina Walton Co. FL wilkersons bog S alata red lid S oreophylla sand MT al. S alata "maroon throat" S flava var cupurea S leuco x flava var ornata S flava var ornata S minor S minor "Okie giant" S catesbaei x...
  5. C

    Heliamphora Damage

    My H. Nutans Giant was recently chewed over by a grasshopper, and now has become so stressed that two of it's growth points died (to be fair the grasshopper did serious damage). I'm not really sure what to do for the plant at the moment, as I've never seen it so stressed out. I've attached some...
  6. Cactusdan

    Cactusdan's Growlist

    -- Carnivores -- -Cephalotus (Australian Pitcher)- Cephalotus follicularis var. Typical -Dionaea (Venus Fly Trap)- Dionaea muscipula 'Akai Ryu' Dionaea muscipula 'Red Sawtooth' -Drosera (Sundew)- Drosera anglica x tracyi 'Southern Cross' Drosera binata var. dichotoma 'T-form' Drosera bindoon...
  7. R

    Mona's Grow List

    Mona's Grow List Cephalotus: Clone #1 Common Typical Ron Gagliardo Clone Coal Mine Beach Hummer’s Giant Czech Giant ‘Vigorus’ ‘Black Eden’ Hasting’s Clone #2 Dionea: Typical x2 Cup Trap Red Pirahna Red Dragon Akai Ryu Drosera: Delisiana Hamiltonii Intermedia Burmanii Brevifolia Spatulata...
  8. E

    My own little shop of horrors

    After a long pause growing plants I recently started againin January 2016. Hopefully the spring will allow me to ramp up slowly and see what species I can grow outside without much trouble. Darlingtonia - D. californica Dionaea - D. muscipula typical form Seeds - D. muscipula (sprouted)...
  9. D

    DoctorDoom's growlist:

    DoctorDoom’s grow list: D. Binata (cloning in progress) x 30 -source: Cooks Carnivorous plants, Meadow View Biological Research Station, Jared (carnivorous plants sales and auctions, FB) D. Capillaris (cloning in progress) -source: Cooks Carnivorous plants D. Spatulata x 7 -source: Cooks...
  10. viking

    Viking grow list

    Venus Flytraps King Henry Typical Big mouth WIP slim snapper Bristle tooth Korean melody shark Dentae Vft Seedllings crosses Mirror x B52 Wally x DCXL Crosstooth x B52 B52 x moon Trap B52 x dcxl Long red fingers x dcxl Crimson sawtooth x maroon monster 1955 x b52 (B52 x big mouth) x dcxl...
  11. J

    My first terrarium project and grow shelf renovation (sorry, long read)

    This is part of my larger project to renovate my grow shelf once I move into my new apartment in a few weeks. I've been wanting to put together a highland terrarium for awhile now. With the Wistuba group order at flytrapcare forums coming up and me being worried about the few highland plants...
  12. elgecko

    Heli Division

    Did some much needed division on my Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor. [/URL][/IMG] Now I have to make time and room to divide my Heliamphora heteradoxa x nutans, which is just as over flowing.
  13. T

    Mystery Heli

    Hi guys, I've had this particular Heliamphora for 3-7 years, but during one or more re-pottings (and a head spinning schedule of full time work/full time school for vet tech and, at 50, "due to the old age" as one of my girlfriend's Italian friend is want to say) I've lost track of what it is...
  14. charlie

    LF Nepenthes jamban seedling

    I don't want to buy one, but if anyone has an extra seedling I would LOVE to trade. Here's what I have for trade: N. gracilima /alba - good size and outgrowing my three inch pot for it N. (lowii x spectabilis) x talengensis - rooted cuttings. when they make pitcher they look like this...
  15. W

    Wrazik's plants from Rybnik, Poland - PHOTO THREAD

    Hello As I'd like to get more into the US growers' community, I decided to share some pictures from my collection here. Enjoy and feel free to comment! (More specific pic descriptions coming soon) H. purpurascens (Ptari) H. minor var. pilosa (Giant clone with hairless strip, Cerro Luna)...
  16. charlie

    H. nutans For Trade

    I have a juvenile Heliamphora nutans for trade. It has two growing points and is at the stage of immature pitchers (though it is steadily growing). I am looking for unrooted nepenthes cuttings of species that I do not have. I could through in some utricularia and sarracenia for what I want the...
  17. hcarlton

    Hcarlton's Helis

    Apparently I never started a thread for these guys, but with 4 different kinds now it's probably time A new arrival, came as one plant that I managed to separate into 2, but they're both loaded with growth points: H. heterodoxa x nutans H. heterodoxa x nutans by hawken.carlton, on Flickr H...
  18. Zachf92

    Zachf92's Grow List

    Sarracenia flava var. maxima flava var. ornata flava var. rubricorpora alata 'Heavy Veins' alabamensis wherryi minor minor var. okefenokeensis 'Ware Co. Clone C' rubra rubra gulfensis 'Anthocyanin-Free' purpurea venosa purpurea venosa var. montana leucophylla 'AJ01' leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek...
  19. CorneliusSchrute

    A Beginner's Heliamphora Thread

    It's not so much that I'm bored with the other members of Sarraceniaceae. It's more like a Pokémon-ish desire to "catchem all." As such, behold my first Heliamphora. At this early point I have H. minor H. heterodoxa H. elongata H. nutans' Czech' An unknown Heliamphora hybrid I have them in a...
  20. Favian

    Favi's Heli Thread

    I received my Heliamphora nutans x ionasii from a great friend, on February 24 of this year. As you can see in the picture the size, shape and color is just gorgeous. The medium consists of LFS & Cypress mulch and I feed it these fish pellets: I put a plastic bag over it, with a light...