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  1. Bonnie

    Looking for Heliamphoras, lots of stuff to offer

    I have 200 species of orchids, including 18 species of jewel orchids. Also ant plants and ferns, Dischidias, Hoyas, Begonias, Peperomias, and Gesneriads. If I don't have anything you want also willing to buy. Looking for species I don't already have, my current grow list is below. Heliamphora...
  2. Bonnie

    Looking for Helis, Utrics, and Genlisea, have Orchids and other stuff to trade

    I'm looking for any mature divisions of Heliamphora that are not heterodoxa x minor, these are not for me but would prefer ones different from the ones on my grow list in case I do want to get a division back from them later (they would be going to a botanical garden) my grow list: Heliamphora...
  3. Axelrod12

    Axelrod's Grow List

    Aldrovanda: Aldrovanda vesiculosa - Japanese Brocchinia: B. reducta Byblis: B. liniflora Dionaea: 'Akai Ryu' 'B-52' x 'Ginormous' 'Bristle Tooth' 'Cup Trap' 'Dente' Typicals Drosera: Pygmy: D. scorpioides D. helodes x pulchella Temperate: D. binata D. dichotoma 'Giant' D. filiformis var...
  4. Av8tor1

    Heliamphora heterodoxa x nutans (wistuba) - STpaMan $125

    A large, mature specimen... Very easy grower, and excellent first heli for someone or an excellent addition to any CP collection. It is currently growing in a 6x6x6" pot and it's overfull as you see. Buyer pays 20$ shipping and handling. Shipping will be via usps priority with Signature...
  5. Maiden

    Heliamphora minor 'big orange' & 'selection 1'

    Here my pictures of some helis from my collection. Heliamphora pulchella akopan Heliamphora hispida Heliamphora minor 'burgundy-black' Heliamphora pulchella amuri Heliamphora nutans yuruani Heliamphora Heliamphora parva Heliamphora minor 'selection 1' Thanks for watching guys :)
  6. rcl27

    Cody Lawson's (rcl27) Grow List

    Cephalotus: Cephalotus (typical) - Flytrapcare Cephalotus (typical) - carnivorousplantsshop.eu Cephalotus "Double Ribbed" - JCal Cephalotus "Emu Point" - JCal Cephalotus "Hummer's Giant" - JCal Cephalotus "Phil Mann" - JCal Cephalotus "Squat" - JCal Dionaea Muscipula: Dionaea "Typical" - Lowes...
  7. M

    Heliamphora for trade

    Hello, I have a few nice plants available for trade, looking for other adult Heliamphora, especially exappendiculata from Chimanta with adult pitchers. Please pm me if interested: chimantensis blooming size pulchella Amuri blooming size exappendiculata Apacapa tepui small adult pitchers...
  8. charlie

    looking for H.nutans

    I am looking for H.nutans and I'm not interested in links to wistuba or other nurseries. I am looking for just a small plant also looking for H: tequila, heterodoxa, minor burgundy black, and glabra x nutans or nutans giant though some of those are very rare. thanks???
  9. fly-catchers

    Death toll continues...

    Lost my big 22 year old H. nutans and another helia hybrid yesterday. And today my big and beautiful H. ceracea shrivelled and curled up dead! One of my favorites and only a week ago when it looked fine feared its demise. As I have lost so many favorites and older plants will not continue...
  10. charlie

    charlie's grow list

    here's my grow list. Plants with a t available for trade my grow list Aldrovanda A. vesiculosa Byblis B. linflora (t seeds) Dionaea D. miscipula t not very healthy but should purk up :) D. miscipula 'b52' D. miscipula 'ginormous' D. miscipula 'green dragon' t D. miscipula 'low giant'...
  11. S

    Temperature range/conditions for Heliamphora

    In general, what is an acceptable temperature range for most Heliamphoras? I have seen a lot of contradictory information out there. Some growers state that night temps of 45f-55f are absolutely mandatory, while recently I have seen a lot of growers having success with constant room temps...
  12. killerplantsguy

    Heli - mess!!

    This is embarassing, but I thought it might be interesting (?) to show what resulted when I neglected some Heliamphora. Eldercare iossues have demanded a lot of time the past few years, and my plants have suffered. Proper clean up and repotting has not been given enough attention. Anyway...
  13. Maiden

    Various heliamphoras pictures from this morning.

    Heliamphora minor var minor par dals009, sur Flickr Various heliamphora par dals009, sur Flickr Heliamphora nutans yuruani par dals009, sur Flickr Various heliamphoras par dals009, sur Flickr Various heliamphoras par dals009, sur Flickr Heliamphora pulchella akopan par dals009, sur...
  14. NatchGreyes

    NatchGreyes Growlist / Wantlist

    Notice: Growlist now available on my blog - http://ngcarnivorousplants.blogspot.com/p/grow-list.html. The blog list will be updated. This one will not. Growlist: (* = Extras for sale/trade) (Updated 2/4/2014) Aldrovanda vesiculosa – 1 Byblis liniflora – 1 Cephalotus Typical – 1...
  15. M

    Happy Halloween Heliamphora :spidersmile:

    I am excited because I moved some spring seedlings onto multiplication medium today: Tim Krug's [glabra x nutans] x xTequila, pulchella Chimanta x [glabra x nutans], nutans x pulchella Akopan, Michael Hardwick's heterodoxa, and my pulchella Akopan, tatei Cerro Duida x [arenicola x ionasii], and...
  16. Bonnie

    New Heliamphoras

    I just my first large carnivorous plant shipment in the mail and potted everyone up. The Heli's are potted in a soil mix containing peat, silica sand, and perlite, and the dome is now closed up with the whole thing sitting on my greenhouse floor so they can slowly acclimate. Unfortunately I...
  17. fly-catchers

    Grr Its time for the autumn Sudden Death season

    For some reason I am now finding that the start of autumn is when my plants start to keel over! :( Last week my big nutans giant collapsed along with another tequila! Them today I find my big woody tatei going limp & shrivelled. NOOOOO! Both the nutans & tequila were completely rotten at...
  18. M

    Heliamphora for trade

    Hello, anyone have an exappendiculata from Chimanta tepui with adult pitchers for trade? This is the only location that I can't get to grow up. I have a very well established 6" tall purpurascens, 6" glabra x nutans, 5" xTequila, many others available for trade. Also interested in folliculatas...
  19. W

    Wrazik's grow list

    HELIAMPHORA 1. H. arenicola (Tramen Tepui) SG 2. H. ceracea (Cerro Neblina) 3. H. chimantensis (Chimanta) 4. H. ciliata 5. H. collina (Foothills Testigos) 6. H. exappendiculata (Amuri Tepui) SG 7. H. exappendiculata (Apacapa Tepui) 8. H. exappendiculata (Aprada...
  20. Rookie grower

    Rookie Growers list

    Sarracenia S rubra ssp alabamensis S. Danas delight S. Hummers hammerhead S. Psittacina Walton Co. FL wilkersons bog S alata red lid S oreophylla sand MT al. S alata "maroon throat" S flava var cupurea S leuco x flava var ornata S flava var ornata S minor S minor "Okie giant" S catesbaei x...