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This is embarassing, but I thought it might be interesting (?) to show what resulted when I neglected some Heliamphora.
Eldercare iossues have demanded a lot of time the past few years, and my plants have suffered. Proper clean up and repotting has
not been given enough attention. Anyway, feel free to skip this thread now.

Most of my "newer" plants are in an indoor terrarium and have fared pretty well. The following are older plants that are on a low
bench in a corner of the greenhouse:

H. 'Tequila'

H. minor

Same H. minor tangled with H. nutans & H. pulchella.

H. ionasi removed from the jumble. Maybe I can cut and pot up that offshoot? Pretty sad...

I am moving and a new greenhouse is under construction, so I will clean up and relocate these plants soon. The collection will
also be downsized, so I've promised myself to manage the plants better, in the future.

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They seem to be doing well in spite of the crowded conditions. I thought the Heliamphora on the left in the middle photo was a Nepenthes lowii at first due to the flower stalk.
They don't look bad to me, they just have that "natural" look :)
Your plants are great :)