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Various heliamphoras pictures from this morning.

Very nice heli collection. You know how to make helis happy!
beautifully grown helis Maiden, very nice color and form.

now you need to add a few neblinae and folliculata to the collection ;-)
Thanks a lot all !

Butch: nah i dont like these species. They are too tall.

Right now i have:
H.minor var minor auyan
H.minor var pilosa auyan
H.minor 'selection 1'
H.minor "aonda giant"
H.minor 'burgundy-black'
H.pulchella akopan
H.pulchella amuri
H.nutans yuruani (succulent form)

For now im out of space. I have to discipline myself ! :)
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wow maiden,just stunning
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Wow. Makes me want to acquire a heli more than I already do.