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Lil Stinkpot

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  • Do you have still have a nepenthes veitchii for trade? I have a nepenthes burbidgeae x edwardsiana that's 5 to 6 inches across with red pitchers

    Let me know
    hey, ive got about 15 seedpods of mimosa pudica i manage to find. thecpforum.com seems to be down, ive you give me your address i can have that and bluebonnet seeds in the mail for you tomorrow. sorry it took me so long, it was hard to find the seed pods because all the growth has already died out, and then most of the pods i found had already snapped open, but each pod has like 4 seeds, and all the ones im sending you arent open yet though i suspect they will in the mail, but they are in a labeled ziplock bag
    in case you didn't get the message in your bday thread, and even if you did, Happy Birthday!
    It depends on how many you have now. If you have >50, you can get 5 eggs. >200 (250?), 6 eggs. >500, 7 eggs.
    Oh cool.. so instead of having 4 eggs, you can have more? Finally! I want to collect all the "new" ones. :)
    Magi dragons are being given a new BSA, called "teleport." They can "magically" transport an egg or hatchling to another scroll. Go here: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=117006 Be glad, there are new limits, too. No longer limits eggs & hatchies together, but rather X-number eggs, and XX-number hatchies, depending on how many dragons you already have.
    What's a teleport... Just started getting back to this. There are so many new sprites available.. its making me go crazy with greed!
    Vines are considered "common," though I'd probably classify cave-born as "almost common." I have one CB, two long lineaged, and two inbred. Wait until after this weekend, then after I get back from vacation, Teleport will be available, and I'll give you one if you want.

    I mostly use Allure of Neglected Dragons, but sometimes go to Silvi's Lair and Egg Drop Soup if I feel I'm not getting enough clicks.
    Haha you can breed now? I remember when the vines were rare! I was happy to get one or two. :) Now I'm back at it. What click-site do you use?
    I don't frequent the forums there, much. It's kept super-duper strict. I stopped when I got a warn for a really trivial thing.

    I just go there to collect the dragons. He he he! I half expected you to have a whole page of vine dragons. LOL! I'm trying to build up on the one's I don't have then, then I'll breed up a mess of vines.
    Hey! I used to do dragcave. :D But there was nothing really fun back then... Just wondering why do you keep doing dragcave? All I remember was people telling stories, etc.
    hi there! drop me a PM about the N. amp harlequin x bruneii if you are still interested. went back to chat, but you seemed offline
    Got my end of the trade from Katie for the 2nd time! And yet again everything went great.. can't wait to deal with you again! If your looking for a good review when dealing with her, you found it!! Thanks again..
    Well, here's the rub: I didn't plant any dews, anywhere. It's your guess what's in there. One plant that I thought to be D. binata is in fact D. dichotoma, and it bloomed and seeded all over the GH. I think that may be your seedling. This plant is HUGE, and very sticky.

    D. multifida has not bloomed for me yet.

    When the D. burmanii start blooming again, I will spread the joy, and distribute the seeds to friends.
    unfortunately, the D. burmanii kicked the bucket, but now a new one's taken it's place: im suspecting D. binata but I wanted to check with you to make sure if you could recall what you planted in that pot. if it's D. multifida 'extrema' i'd be super stoked!
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