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Failing nectar cups

The Heliamphora that I got last spring are doing quite well. Lots of growth and good color. However, my H. minor isn't developing nectar cups properly. As the leaf is growing they look good, but as they start to fill out and open, they just fail. My H. heterodoxa x nutans which is in the next pot over is growing just fine. Any ideas what might be wrong and what I can do about it?

Heliamphora by Michael Waltz, on Flickr

Here is the H. heterodoxa x nutans next to it.

Heliamphora by Michael Waltz, on Flickr
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My H. minor has done that a lot too. I put it down to me growing the plants at ambient humidity though it's done better lately. Is your plant a particular clone?
It is the Auyan Tepui clone.
Yep that's the same clone I have. Are you keeping your plants in elevated humidity? I wonder if it's just a quirk of that particular clone. If it's anything like mine, it will start developing nectar spoons properly sometime in the future.
I am growing all of my Helis in an ebb and flow set up that floods four times a day. I don't know what the humidity is, but it is certainly higher than yhe rest of the house and higher than the other cp growing areas. Most be a quirk of that clone if yours did the same. All my others are doing great.
This has happened to me when a plant is young and making very small adult pitchers.
I got that clone and the heterodoxa Gran Sabana clone. Both grow just fine at regular household conditions and the heterodoxa never had trouble with nectar spoons. They both flowered after a year too which is nice.
If its the bcp clones of minor ayuan and het grand sabana, I grow those too on windowsills in ambient humidity