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  1. yuusui

    Failing nectar cups

    The Heliamphora that I got last spring are doing quite well. Lots of growth and good color. However, my H. minor isn't developing nectar cups properly. As the leaf is growing they look good, but as they start to fill out and open, they just fail. My H. heterodoxa x nutans which is in the next...
  2. madrone

    Mr. Rizzi and friends

    I’ve had my P. ‘John Rizzi’ for just under a year, and this week it bloomed for the first time. Actually a few of my pings are putting on a show currently, so I thought I’d share some of the colorful display that is so welcome during this time of year. P. ‘John Rizzi’ – I believe the...
  3. Sashoke

    A grand feast!

    Noticed one of my N. ventricosa x (thorelii x aristolochioides) looked funny, so I took a closer look... Its interesting to note the amount of "drool" these pitchers have been producing, note the ants are congregating midway and further down on the pitcher body, thats because the entire...
  4. nimbulan

    UV Fluorescence in CPs

    I thought I'd start a thread for pictures and discussion of UV fluorescence in CPs. I get the impression that it's not a very well-known phenomenon, and I'd like to change that! I'll start with a fantastic picture of N. "Triffid" I took last night: And one of my random hybrid from April...
  5. Av8tor1

    FS Rooted Adult division of Heliamphora tatei var neblinae x hispida - No Longer Available

    FS Rooted Adult division of Heliamphora tatei var neblinae x hispida - No Longer Available FS Rooted Adult division of Heliamphora tatei var neblinae x hispida This is the most desirable clone line of this cross that I am aware of. Grows very large, and very colorful. I have had some nectar...
  6. nimbulan

    Poi Dog Nepenthes

    This was my first Nepenthes that I bought to see how well I could grow one. As I discovered, like most CPs, the difficulty of growing them is exaggerated and I have acquired several others since but have never positively identified this one. So have at it, Nepenthes experts! Pitchers are...
  7. nimbulan

    Nepenthes ID

    Here are a few pictures of the result of a Nepenthes cutting I rooted last year. Unfortunately in the process of receiving it and splitting the cutting with another local grower, the tag was lost. The cutting was obtained from Whimgrinder. I'm very sure that it is a plant with a latin name -...
  8. tish

    24 October 2015 : Random updates

    I have since acquired more nepenthes. What a Sin! Some random updates N. Rafflesiana: The latest pitcher has darken, and producing some nectar. N. Hookeriana: First pitcher after potted up, took about a month or so to stabilize N. Ampullaria Green : A new pitcher is opening up 20 Oct...
  9. S

    Clear jelly in Sarracenia flower?

    Spring is here, I'm getting lots of new growth and the sarras are sending up flowers so I'm trying to pollinate them. In the process of doing so the cotton bud I was using to pick up the pollen managed to get some kind of clear jelly on it. Apart from being clear it was very thick, but not...
  10. WolframOmega

    Different Heliamphora parvas?

    Hi all, I was intrigued to see that some H. parva plants have wide, arrowhead-shaped nectar spoons like Francois Mey's. This was what got me hooked on the plant in the first place. and one of Wistuba's display plants: However, most others in cultivation, like Maiden's, have more normal...
  11. chibae

    Pitcher choice by insects; height, color, size or nectar?

    I have a N. red leopard that has a fairly tall main vine, which produces uppers, and two shorter basals. The main vine is twice the height of the basals, while the lower pitchers are easily twice the size of the uppers. Now, I have noticed over the weeks that this nep has been summering...
  12. R

    Chiranthodendron pentadactylon and x Chiranthofremontia lenzii. Devil's hand trees

    Chiranthodendron pentadactylon is a Mexican cloud forest tree that goes by a number of nicknames such as the "Devil's Hand Tree". x Chiranthofremontia lenzii is the hybrid of Chiranthodendron with the common California native bush/tree Fremontodendron. Both are extremely cool trees. I grow...
  13. Jcal

    Ceph nectar

  14. Av8tor1

    few misc pics

    a few with my good glass H. glabra: unmistakable nectar spoon, always reminded me of a goose's head a few from the new hybrids: and the pink ceph: thanks for looking, Av
  15. DragonsEye

    This one will never win a beauty contest .......

    Orchids, by and large, are coveted by many for their exotic beauty. However, not all are so graced. Not exactly a “pretty face” – many folks find the flowers of Coryanthes to be rather grotesque or even obscene in appearance. Still, I find members of this genus to be fascinating in design and...
  16. thez_yo

    N. khasiana x viking* - UNROOTED cutting (adnedarn $15)

    Up for auction is a couple feet off the top of this N. khasiana x viking*. I received it a couple years ago from another grower, and it's proceeded to take over my livingroom. I've gotten rid of numerous basals, but it's time for the top of it to get the chop. It's the one taking over the...
  17. dionae

    My Heliamphora collection

    What up? Ive grown H. heterodoxa x minor for a while but really never got into helis because of their special needs. Recently someone offered me lts of divs so I said why not. I put them in a wine chiller with temps ranging from 50-67F and RH at 70%+ at all times. I'm growing them under a 36w...
  18. ps3isawesome

    Help~~ something attacked my outdoor pitchers

    I woke up this morning to a disaster. This two pitchers had TONS of nectar dripping down so I assume whatever it was, was trying to get out. I could be wrong, but I just don't know what kind of SAVAGE would destroy my pitches like this and leave everything else alone. What do i do?? Wires...
  19. ps3isawesome

    Any guideline on trying Nepenthes nectar

    Many of my nepenthes are producing nectar. It's safe right?
  20. Dexenthes

    Nepenthes nectar production and flavor comparison

    I've only got one plant that's really drooling at the moment but it's got a good amount on it at the moment to where I felt compelled to see what the flavor was like. I think it would be fun if we could document which Nepenthes produce loads of nectar and what each plant might taste like. N...