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Nepenthes nectar production and flavor comparison


I've only got one plant that's really drooling at the moment but it's got a good amount on it at the moment to where I felt compelled to see what the flavor was like. I think it would be fun if we could document which Nepenthes produce loads of nectar and what each plant might taste like.

N. talangensis x glandulifera - I think the closest thing I could compare the flavor of this plant to is agave syrup. Very light, yet sweet flavor.

That is some serious nectar. My N. maxima (Wavy Leaf) makes a pretty good amount, sometimes it has little puddles on the tray below. I have admittedly tasted it, and it was sweet. I'll have to try it again with a more discerning pallet and try to make a comparison.
Don't have any data to add, but I'm wondering how different nectars might do in attracting different kinds of bugs. My raff. x amp. had a few ants crawling over it yesterday, and I can say that they love my Sarras too.

By the by, you didn't have an urge to fall into the pitcher, did you? :p
If I was small enough to do so, I would have become victim to my Nepenthes long ago. :lol: