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  • Hey! Do you have any Paphs in bloom? My Paph. 'Memoriam Barbara Duncan' is sending up a flowers and I'd like to hybridize it.
    chibae, sorry I just realized I never let you know that the box arrived. Thanks!
    Lois has an extra that I'll be getting from her. So it's fine, but thank you.
    The only reason you won that plant is cause the forum shut down early(childish taunt)!
    Now, let's go back to being friends with a snarkyish relationship than two rivals on the auctions.
    Hey, if you win Red Dixie(which you won't), please put me down for a division next year... I love it.
    Hmm... interesting.
    I may now be looking at a less expensive camera...
    How's Ernie's ornatas doing for you? All of mine from Ernie(with the exception of minor) have huge buds on them!
    Hi. Most of my "serious" pics were done with an Olympus evolt dslr or a Pentax ds, also a dslr. The rest were with a canon G9. Both cameras you're looking at are good but I'd probably go with canon for only because it fits my hand better. i find most guys with larger hands and strong arms are happy with either. I just find the nikon too heavy once you add a long lens on it.
    I have found that to have the best color, with pitcher plants or even VFTs I have had to feed more with a high temperature with the added lighting! I have not posted photos for this is my first day here on chat!
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