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  • Hey I live in San Diego and I'm a new nepenthes owner that has a couple questions. I'm growing my nepenthes outside but for some reason the new leafs seem to be growing but the pitchers aren't getting big and seem to be reddish brown. Is that from the heat and not enough shade ? Also what soil mixes do you use? I'm using perlite (miracle grow), orchid bark, and dried sphagnum moss. Not good because of the perlite huh.. I have two Alata's, Ventricosa, St.Hedwig, Temperance, and Lorraine. I've had them for about 2 months! New leaves are forming but pitchers seem to be either dying from heat or just taking forever! Any ideas on what I should do? Maybe a little more shade ? But anything helps man. Hope to here back from you

    Hi, I'm trying to send you a PM about shipping a won auction in the NASC Benefit, but your inbox is full! If you like, you can message me your email address, and we can go from there?
    Hey, your Meadowview newsletter was returned the other day. Could you email Phil your new address? Thanks!
    I will be going to ABG in a few weeks, and was wondering if you need special permission to get into the back room (With the VFT & Sarrs in propagation). Or if you can just ask someone there?
    Hello Thez_yo,

    I hope you are doing well. I won your neblnae v. parva auction. Can you email me at:
    info (at) 3dsyndrome.com
    That's the nicest house I've seen in a long time. Fantastic Sarrs in the front and Neps chilling on the balcony. :awesome:
    I've looked at your plants via Photobucket...nice job! I miss growing orchids outside - cymbidiums year around, but everything else has to come in. The nepenthes are really nice
    All the extras? Aww...
    Would it be possible to ask you to put me on a list of maybe 1 extra...
    And I didn't realize you joined in December... I thought you were here a good while
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